Saturday, November 09, 2019

Cappy's Black Mountain Night Time Adventure

Now that the Ole Capmeister is back to 100%, I decided to try my hand at Black Mountain, just outside the Southern Command.  Started late in the afternoon which means i came down off the mountain at night, but there was a 75% moon. 

Will being doing an "Author's Road Trip" tour starting today with ports in Reno, Salem, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver and Rapid City.  Sitting and bivouacking to write at different points along the way.  In lieu of writing enjoy some of the pictures.


heresolong said...

Would like to know when you will be in the Seattle area as I live a bit north of that. I'd be interested in making it to a meet if you were planning one but have no idea how you spread that word as I always hear about them on your podcast after the fact.


Jay Ritchie said...

What was wrong with you? Good to hear you are well now.