Monday, November 18, 2019

It is Sadly "That Bad" on the Front Lines

I appreciate the reports coming in from all the Agents in the Field who are still dating.  It is, as you know, not entirely possible to know what it's like dating today if you're not dating, but Jesus H Christ.  It really is bad as you guys say it is.


Tucanae Services said...

Damn. I just scanned a half dozen entries. Darn near had a heart attack. Its almost like you marry her at 20 and chain her to the kitchen table or forget it. Thank God I am out of the dating pool and my towel is dry. Head back to the bungalow and order up a pitcher of Mai-Tais.

Anonymous said...

Reddit is a bad place to poll for anything reflecting reality.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

There are essentially two types of women you will meet repeatedly in America: the catbird and the cowbird.

The American catbird type of woman quite vocally tries to attract men in order to fulfil a lifetime ambition of cranking out a seemingly never-ending procession of progeny. This may turn into a situation where the man is trapped by the increasing size of the family, but he may see this diversion of life ambitions as an acceptable outcome.

The American cowbird type of woman is a brood parasite who also behaves in the same way at first, but her life goal is to fuck up your calm and to take as much of your shit as possible so she can live what she believes is a life of relative ease, which of course will be at your expense and the expense of any other men she can find. The American cowbird type of woman will never admit outright that she essentially hates men, but her behaviours put paid to that notion and then some. If you are unfortunate enough to get this type of woman pregnant, you will never see the child once the family court hearings are over, but you will continue to pay the Dane her court-mandated Danegeld for at least two decades if she has her way with the courts.

While the American catbird type of woman will try to destroy the operating arrangements of the American cowbird type of woman, there aren't enough of them and their allies to make even the slightest dent, especially when it comes to the laws of the land, and so there are increasingly more cowbirds.

While both types of these American birds are migratory, the American catbird type has a greater range, and so she can choose to escape being surrounded by increasing numbers of cowbirds.

Hence why you see British men with possibly completely inappropriate women, but they believe they're getting a fantastic deal because they've always wanted their own American catbird. Why, she's loud, and she's brash, all of those fine qualities you never really wanted in a woman.

Except for that Royal tosser, he's so fucking stupid that he married an American cowbird anyway, and the Queen eventually wised up to that fact and its implications. He's getting a break this week because his older tormenter's trying to deal with a damning "super-blinky" BBC interview as well as one of his associates trying to define the word "paedophile" in much the same way that Bill Clinton tried to define "sex with that woman" back in the 1990s.

Eventually the well-travelled man realises that with the majority of American women increasingly being cowbirds, and that the American catbird type is no prize herself, that he'd be much better off with some other options.

Even Queen Street slags in Cardiff don't come with this much baggage, even when the booze and vom smells eventually wear off. At some point you can even get them to change baggage and to stop hitting the booze quite as hard, and they'll make pleasant enough company for a while.

So yes, it is most definitely "that bad" on the front lines in America, especially if I am at the point where I am inclined to look back on certain poorly-behaving Welsh women with a view that doesn't resemble fondness as much as pragmatism ...

Bill said...

I followed the link and browsed abit. Luckily the guys there have a healthy attitude towards the this whole thing, they're just watching this shitshow, laughing.

Anonymous said...

That's just wrong, that's just soooo wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cappy. Thank your lucky stars every F****** Day for the G.F.

It is actually worse than that atrocity page from Reddit.

The pictures and text can't capture the CRAZY.