Wednesday, November 13, 2019


You vote left
Which destroys the nuclear family
Which removes the father from the family
Which means the kids are not disciplined
Which means when they land on your doorstep at your public school
You get to deal with the frankenstein monsters your voting created.


Tucanae Services said...

The problem with education is education. Its been sterilized and irradiated with 'process', 'systems' and 'studies'. Johnny does not learn, cause Johnny is bored. There was one thing the USAAF 8th bomb group learned during the war. The bitching, flight aborts and sick rates went down when it was explained to crews why 15% will die during that particular raid. The same could be said for students today:

* We don't teach to their organic interests. Be it botany, mechanics, physics, etc. Another words engagement.
* Once the hook is set, to reel in the need for the maths, and written english. It amazes me the number of students who after 12yrs of 'education' cannot write a cognitive paragraph.

But... I explain to my STEM students that if they work for a sufficiently large firm there is the ugly thing called weekly status reports. They suck. They are necessary. They are deadly. I point out that they have to be able to develop in a single paragraph what has been accomplished and percentage of completion. It has to be sufficiently complete that their immediate boss can cut and paste that to their report that is forwarded on. Otherwise your missive never makes the cut. Big deal? You bet. There is some Boomer VP four levels above you that when the RIFs (look it up) come will make the decision whether you stay or not on this basis -- Pull the last 6 status reports and see whose names consistently appear therein. They survive. Everyone else? Depends on how many heads they need to cut.

Have a nice day and a better tomorrow.

heresolong said...

Once again the BS call of "low salaries". With benefits I am making buckets of money as a math teacher and I have summer off and a long Christmas break.

My morale issues have far more to do with the complete lack of focus on academics in the school setting. Everything takes priority. Latest example, we have a 30 minute study session built into our day where students can go get extra help from teachers (many students ride the bus and can't stay after school). The admins are constantly harping about how we need to be intentional in our approaches to getting kids into the session and helping them. Yesterday, with about one hour notice, they pull all the kids from the session to "send off" the volleyball team which is headed to state. So much for intentionality and the effort we put into being ready to work with struggling students.

Kudos, however, to at least some students who came down to get the help anyway, skipping the sportsball event, because they wanted to do better in math. That is the part that keeps me going.

Mosesr said...

I loved the part of the article where they interviewed someone who said "there needs to be more community involvement" aka: we need you to give up more money or time for something that is not your problem. Amazes me how the answer with these folks is not parental involvement, personal responsibility, ownership , it's always "community invovlement". Basically let's force you to give to under performers and under achievers. So many I know personally are home schooling. You avoid the bullshit (the social scene, the lower standards, the underachieving, the stupid, the bullies etc et al) and your kids learn at their own pace and learn subjects that are relevant to them. I think that will be the future as it becomes clear and blatantly apparent that the education system is really about gay and LGBTQ, Democrat indoctrination and that most will get a better quality education at home anyway. A full night's sleep, a nutritious breakfast, a few hours of school and then the afternoon to explore hobbies or just plain be kids, sounds more appealing dont you think?

Anonymous said...

Teacher morale is down for three reasons:

1. School systems increasingly are adding days or moving to year-round schooling. This kills the three months off in the summer that teachers admit was one of the main reasons they chose the field.

2. Previous teachers in the 1970s and 1980s pushed no-discipline policies and even enforced them on parents by calling child protective services on parents who dared to spank their kids at home. Now the kids are out of control and today's teachers have no options.

3. Teachers in the past pushed to mainstream children with mental retardation or other disabilities into regular classes. Apparently this was for better funding and job security. But those kids cannot learn and constantly disrupt the class and bully normal students. Today's teachers cannot do anything about any of it.