Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sending a Feminist Socialist to Do a Free Marketer's Job

What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Of course she can't do the job. Of course on a good day, with a downhill run, and a blazing tailwind she is going to screw it up. Who cares? I mean literally, who cares? This is the Peoples' Democrat Republic of Alta California. Until and unless either a new Committee of Vigilance is formed and acts, or it is declared to be in a state of insurrection and crushed by the American military, it is all gonna be about watching the collapse. If you are a free American and not a PDRAC citizen, it is time to leave. If you have a business there, it is time to get it and all your capital out. If you have a business outside the PDRAC, minimize your exposure to their government, and any seizures by either not trading there or charging enough as a risk premium to make it safer.

Subotai Bahadur

Un Americano said...

A Leftist. From wealthy parents. Everyfuckingtime.

Maniac said...

At this point, California is like the wounded sniper at the end of "Full Metal Jacket" begging to be shot.

David Wholly said...

"Gov. Newsom is on record that his cabinet secretary is a “genius” and Capitol Weekly explains that Matosantos “makes the trains run on time.”

Yeah, so did Mussolini. He and his mistress wound up being dragged into the streets, shot to death, then hung upside down by their ankles. The mob beat them to vent their frustrations.

Interesting that they would use that expression.

Anonymous said...

Matosantos is Spsnish for "I kill saints" no joke