Thursday, November 21, 2019


I know this has a spin, but it's good to see one leftist organization (the media) attack teachers and the public schools.  Maybe like the commies and nazis during WWII they can kill tons of each other!


Albert said...

When I was going to school, they were phasing out paddlings for misbehavior.

It's no surprise that schools have needed to employ workarounds for their inability to punish misbehavior. Tantrum rooms are about all that's left, so it'll be hilarious to watch as schools are forbidden even that, and the kids go _completely_ out of control.

(If I have kids they'll be homeschooled. I was incarcerated in public education myself, so there's no way I'll inflict that on anyone I love and am responsible for.)

The thing about corporal punishment is, if it's done _carefully_ it's over in moments, doesn't leave lasting damage, and everyone can get back to their day. 'Carefully' includes: Leave the pants/skirt on, employ a paddle rather than a switch, the frustrated teacher isn't the one to do it, the paddle is fragile enough that it'll break instead of do serious damage, etc.


Atexan said...

Schools are not equipped to handle kids with disabilities nor should they be. That's part of the problem with the leftist drivel of 'equality' and 'diversity' nonsense.

SM777 said...

As everyone knows, it's time to get rid of the gov. run brainwashing warehouse ("public schools"). All it does is breed a slave mindset. Oh, what a coincidence, that what the US elite wants.

tdcommenter said...

Don't forget that the leftists not only forbade physical punishment, detention, and suspension, but pushed for mainstreaming ALL students. That includes psycho ones, like the guy who shot up Majory Stoneman HS in Florida. They resorted to this ploy, because all their other theories failed .