Monday, September 21, 2009

Communists, Even in the NDP, Are Disgusting People

This is a video where a couple reps in the Canadian congress are asking for a memorial in Canada to honor/memorialize those killed under communist dictatorships. It isn't obvious, but you hear in the background an NDP member ACTUALLY HECKLING THE CURRENT SPEAKERS AS THEY SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE GENOCIDE KNOWN AS COMMUNISM.

Need I remind those at the NDP the track record they are defending????

Let me explain something to you sick people defending communism or happen to be communists yourself. THere's nothing, NOTHING noble about your cause. And frankly, I know no more than 2% of you people actually believe in it, and just use it to steal money from other people knowing full well it's downright theft. So you're not fooling anybody hiding behind somekind of "ideology." But to stand by this sick and twisted theft and not care about the literal millions of people killed by this childish obsession? You're not human. People worshiping a guy sporting a funny mustache did the same thing, though, even during a time of war he couldn't kill as much as communists did during peace.



Anonymous said...

You might like this site, captain.

Anonymous said...

First I AM IN NO WAY defending the actions of the NDP. To the contrary, I think that they represent the worst of Canadians. Those who will not think for themselves, but vote slavishly for a man who promises them unicorns and rainbow coloured skittles. The union mentality about entitlements.

But really, even though I agree with the speaker and the motion, this is how business is conducted in the House of Commons. It's like watching monkeys fling poo at the monkey house.

Quite sad really.

Nathan said...

About 50% of the NDP's membership are self-identifying Communists. The other 50% are self-identifying Socialists. There's a reason that they've never played a part in Canadian government. It's just too bad they get as many seats as they do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy Cap. This happened in the Canadian Parliament, not congress. For you and other non-Canuck readers, Canada is a parliamentary democracy very similar to Great Britain. Unlike the United States, the executive branch and the legislative branch are not separate. The judiciary is nominally independent, but appointed (not elected) by parliament. Technically, the Supreme Court is intended to interpret laws enacted by parliament, but thanks to judicial activism (which I'm sure your American readers are well-acquainted with) the direction of law making in Canada sometimes travels in the reverse direction of what the constitution intends.

amcz said...

This is why I like to to refer to International Socialists (a.k.a. communists) as "Internazis".