Monday, September 07, 2009

Peter Stark

I mean, you people in California wonder why you're over 10% unemployment and in general just have about the worst economy in the nation? Are you all smoking Windex or something out there to elect an idiot like this?

Veritably and certifiably psychologically delusional.

But, then again, you people want to believe in socialism so you need to elect morons like this who can ignore reality and live in lala land.

Again, another reason never to invest or move to California.


Johnny Boy said...

This guy thinks his shit doesn't stink, but he is a complete moron. How did he ever think he knew something about economics?

dtrum said...

What an asshole. He should shut his own face.

The funny thing is, he's not completely wrong about debt. The richer a nation is, the more indebted it can be, even as a percent of GDP, because interest on the debt will probably be lower than elsewhere due to the high GDP, i.e. high competitiveness, i.e. more trust in the economy.

However, he doesn't have a clue about all that, so he does what all leftist fascists do when they cannot explain anything: they resort to verbal violence.

Anonymous said...

Since we are talking about California, I have decided to add something. Government jobs in California are increasing in this state (very unsustainably) and they pay amazing salaries. Anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times what you would get paid in the private sector. Plus, you can't get fired or laid off unless you are a repeat violent offender in the workplace. Surprisingly, that happens more often than you think. Getting those jobs are like gold. I live in Sacramento now and the majority of people here work for the state. Eventually, this will all result in even higher taxes and more people will leave. Until then, you can work for the state, get as much training as you want paid for by them to make yourself marketable and then leave the state when they have to lay off people. The thing is, it is better to get laid off because they'll give you a $60,000 layoff bonus or something.

Anonymous said...

Jim is making a lot of stupid questions.

Ryan Fuller said...

This moron thinks that the national debt is somehow a measure of the nation's wealth.

I wouldn't trust him with a checking account, but he seems to think he's fit to decide matters of national economic policy.

Way to go, representative democracy. A few people have had ideas about how to temper it, but I like Voltaire's best.

Fudgepie said...

Stark's notions aren't so kooky. You have to spend money to make money - everybody knows that.
And Nicolas Cage was very rude to him in that interview.

reg said...

i've always believed that arrogance and stupidity went hand in hand -this lad's got both in spades.his expression looks as if he's just been hit in the forehead with a hammer.idiots like stark aren't the disease , they are the symptom.i don't doubt for a second that stark is a man of no small cunning, he may even have some intelligence of some type or other, but he certainly is devoid of wisdom or common sense.he looks and sounds(if you don't pay attention to what he is actually saying)knowledgeable,speaks with the right accent, comes from the right family, went to the right schools, etc,etc.
Are you sure this is real? This could be an American version of a Monty Python sketch- Cleese as the interviewer and Chapman as Stark.

Richard said...

How dare he try to get a congressman to be self-consistent?! Absolutely apalling.

Anonymous said...

What an A*s. He has a point though, I think I will go borrow lots of money so I become wealthier today! Why didn't I think of that sooner???

Anonymous said...

You must troll the same youtube accounts I do. Peter Schiff?

To be fair, isn't this like 16 years old?

AeroGuy said...

I felt too much rage to finish the video.

Robert Miller said...

What an asshole! Stark doesn't have a PhD in Economics either, yet he flaunts his views as if he's a Nobel Laureate. He majored in General Engineering and then got an MBA from the Haas Business School in Berkeley. I doubt he has more than two basic Economics courses himself.

I've taught MBA students and the first thing you learn from that experience is that very few of them would have been smart enough to get into a PhD program.

He started a small bank in 1963. He served in the Air Force for 2-3 years. He went to MIT.

He's not stupid, but he sure as hell is doing a good job pretending to be. This is nearly the most idiotic interview I've seen except for the interview with San Fran Nan.

He's one of the most arrogant, abrasive members of Congress who frequently berates constituents and fellow members of Congress.

Hello Birdy said...

What vermin, what a democrat, what an absolute idiot.

From California, America's most bankrupt (in every possible way) state in the union and this man is just one of the many reasons why that is so.

I feel I need to explain his theory of how debt makes one wealthy.

If I borrow a million dollars, then to 'someone' I am worth a million dollars.

If I only borrow a few hundred, then I am only worth a few hundred dollars to 'someone'.

I other words, if one wants to be wealthy, one merely has to borrow all the wealth that one desires and then live happily ever after.

No wonder Hollywood is in California the make-believe capital of the world.

Daniel M. Ryan said...

Watch the trick he pulls: he tries to turn the interview into a job interview about a third of the way through. The "Why are you a bad candidate for this 'job'?" ploy.

The homeschooler movement will have lots to chortle about when watching that interview. Stark also used the "why are you a bad student?" trick too. That one was unveiled early on.