Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dancing, Books, Philanthropy and More

It's that time again! Time for the monthly plug for El Cap-i-tan's services and wares to show your love and support of the Captain.

There is the standard;





There are two unique things this time of year;

There is the FREE seminar I put on that you can download and watch about socialism and capitalism. Loaded with the key economic data you need to be able to argue effectively against the endless wave of idiotic American Idol Americans and college students who love socialism.

and should you live in Minnesota...

DANCE SEASON! So if you are interested in learning how to ballroom, salsa, tango, or swing, contact the ole Captain at and he can tell you where the closest classes are to your area!


Anonymous said...

I love your shameless self promotion and what not... but can you do that thing when you promote other peoples' blogs? You put out some great links.

OSR said...

If I buy the piece of crap on Amazon, I want it autographed by one of your groupies with her funbags.

weaselfarmer said...

Hey Cappy - I agree with a lot of your opinions, but you just seem to bitch about things all the time. How about running for office and making a contribution for the better?

EarlW said...

I liked you book. I even had my 13 year old son read it ;-)
(if only to understand about the concept of loan repayment).

Why do you never mention the "Community Reinvestment Act" ?

I know your expertise and involvement was the banking industry, but (not to defend them) were doing what the government wanted.

PS: There is a french word you used (I forgot the page) which was mis-printed. I think the accent on a letter caused it to be omitted...
Maybe it will be corrected in the next printing ;-)