Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Effective Tax Rates

Or as I like to call it

"Where not to move to"

Of course, I disagree with this as the main measure of taxation. The best measure of taxation is government spending as a percent of GDP. And the reasons why are thusly;

1. Income and social pension tax are not the only taxes you pay. You pay state income tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax (but idiotic leftists will say, "NO, CORPORATIONS PAY THOSE TAXES!" And corporations are owned by WHO EXACTLY? Oh, that's right, everybody with a 401k and grandma's pension.), licenses, VAT tax, etc. etc. etc. However, it's much easier to measure total tax by taking the total revenue governments take in which accounts for all forms of taxes.

2. You can't even just consider government revenue as the total tax, because those silly governments like to spend more than they bring in. Well how do they pay back the debt they incur by running all those deficits? Well they can only pay back government debt via one way; MORE TAXES. Of course these are deferred into the future by mortgaging your children and grandchildren's futures, but hey, what do you care? You'll be dead by the time those idiotic youth figure it out. "Hey kid, here's an I-pod and why don't you watch more Teen Idol. Don't pay attention to these boring budget figures."


Bill Gilles said...

This reminds me of some dating advice. Offer a trade with the woman - for instance offer to do her taxes if she'll clean your oven. By the time the IRS catches up to her, you'll be long gone and have a clean oven.

Ataru074 said...

well they also forget that in the "euro" zone the sales tax is about 20%... that honestly hurts too...

and you don't have the trick of buying online out of state... in that case you pay also the sales taxes over the good value + shipment + 4% (variable) import tax.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind all the local sub governments with taxation authourity state/province/city/county/bridge and tunnel "authority"/ dog catchers/school boards / conservation whatits and whatever other Quango can get it's hands into your wallet.

Robert Miller said...

Don't forget about state taxes!