Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jimmy Carter is Irrelevant

Isn't that the last president that make the economy suck as much as Obama is making the current economy suck now?

Right, Jimmy. Wilson said Obama was a liar, not because he was a liar (which he is) but because he's black.

If ever there is a cowardly and intellectually dishonest argument it is the;

"you don't agree with a black person? Well you MUST be racist."

To all you race whores and worthless former presidents, go ef yourselves because the racist label no longer sticks.


CBMTTek said...

Did people actually think that electing a President with dark skin coloring would reduce and relieve racial tensions in the US?

Is the US population really that gullible?

(rhetorical question, I already know they are that gullible and more.)

personal trainers new orleans said...

When he infers racism from "you lie" and cries racism he further erodes the crediblity of those playing the race card - in that sense he is not irrelevant. Cries of racism from an anti-semite and one who is sympathic to segegation is surreal.

From here: http://www.usa-presidents.info/carter.htm

This: "In his 1970 campaign Carter was elected governor on a pro-George Wallace platform. Carter's campaign aides handed out thousands of photographs of his opponent, the liberal former Gov. Carl Sanders, showing his opponent associating with black basketball players. On the stump, Carter pledged to reappoint an avowed segregationist to the state Board of Regents. He promised as his first act to invite former Alabama Gov. George Wallace into the state to speak. Old-line segregationists across the state endorsed Carter for governor.:

Robert Miller said...

This is the same Jimmy Carter who asked the citizens of Georgia to drive with their headlights on for a day to protest the court-martial of Lieutenant William Calley, the man who led the My Lai massacre in Vietnam which killed over 350 people and helped erode popular support for the war.

BTW, the Army investigator for that incident was a young Major named Colin Powell.

Dr. Bob said...

Jimmy Carter - very possibly the worst US President ever, now working on becoming the worst ex-President ever.

Former President Carter has become the poster-boy for the term "useful idiot".

Amy said...

It seems like no matter what happens, there will always be an issue of racism to some degree.