Thursday, April 17, 2014

A "Sane" Horse Woman Speaks Out!

I got this comment from this video that I just couldn't pass up.

Remember boys, women with horses are *AHEM* "sane."  Don't all rush out there and marry all of them up now, you hear.  Leave some for the rest of us!


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Judging by that comment from Silent Stormz, maybe it's not that horse women aren't "sane," but that they're slightly retarded.

Southern Man said...

I've said it before: the girls I knew in high school who were the all-around most fun rode regularly; many were barrel racers.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Both horse women I know are cancer survivors, both with poor long-term probabilities of permanent remission, and both were also completely neurotic and nuts. Both were also supremely talented in the bedroom and, turns out, went through men like toilet paper. Horse women are the Range Rovers of women- expensive, often desirable, status-heavy, unreliable and fast to fall apart at the first opportunity.

daniel_ream said...

Or possibly some form of Bizarro version of a sane woman. "ME AM PROVIDE FOR MYSELF" and all that.

Anonymous said...

Range Rovers have improved in quality quite a bit since BMW and Ford had a hand in ownership.

I did a quick search of profiles and while not many women own horses percentagewise, they don't seem more insane then their non-pet-owning counterparts.

Bones said...

I had a little friend growing up who was horse crazy. I'd take my fox terrier over to her house. The dog would pretend to be a horse and she'd feed him hot dogs.

In high school she turned into a really cute blonde but had no boyfriends because she was working in stables, etc. She later became a vet and never married.

What a waste. She has good German genes and could have blown out a flock of kids. However, I can't say she's unhappy or had a bad life.

Anonymous said...

My pet peeve are female potters. Great artistes, all of them. Daddy (or the boyfriend) buys them a kiln, maybe helps to rent space, whatever. The kiln is good because then the females can "legitimately" be hot and sweaty. And grungy. As for the work they produce, hah! I initially asked about bonsai pots - every little Chinese store will carry a few small bonsai pots - but the cupcakes find that making bonsai pots is too difficult for them. Now whenever I travel Canada, I find places that sell pots by Great Artistes and ask about bonsai pots. As bonsai pots hold plants and plants are GOOD, the response at first is not altogether negative. After trying once or twice, a repeat request does bring out considerable negativity. One of the local cupcakes (with a workroom and two nice professional kilns) told me, "I don't even want to THINK about bonsai pots!"

Which got me to thinking. I pulled down a book on Chinese ceramics and had a look. Even in the early dynasties the Chinese made better (quality, design) ceramics than the cupcakes - maybe modern glazes are better, but Hell - we know a lot more chemistry, and the snowflakes don't compound their glazes. So I turned to the pages on prehistoric Chinese work. Nope. The later prehistoric Chinese could still do better than our cupcakes. Finally, right at the beginning of the book, the very earliest Chinese work (about 7000 BC BTW) was almost inferior to that of the Great Artistes.

I know of two non-Chinese potters who can produce decent bonsai pots. One works in northern Pennsylvania, the other in England.

Both are men, THe Englishman actually makes a living as a potter.

Anonymous said...

Re Southern Man at 11:03 am, probably an exception should be made for women from working ranches, with cowboy husbands and brothers.

I have seen the barrel racers at the Calgary Stampede. The women are skilled with the horses, very attractive, and appear to be no-nonsense sorts.

LongLostFriend said...

"In high school she turned into a really cute blonde but had no boyfriends because she was working in stables, etc. She later became a vet and never married."

This describes my fiancée perfectly, except for the last sentence. She is attractive, young (almost 20 years my junior), responsible, has no use or desire for the cock carousel, and had a previous "N" of 0. She is perfectly comfortable with mucking the stalls and hauling wheelbarrows full of manure, and is far more like the third commenter in your screen capture than the first one.

There is a difference between flighty bitches who consider their horses to be an expensive hobby (mainly for others to maintain), and those who actually come from the country and are genuinely "horse people."