Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Material Month

I tried listening to liberal talk radio for a while.  It was painful.  But one thing I did take away from it, especially listening to the Ed Schulz Show, is how they define themselves via conservative talk radio.

Since liberal talk shows have no real core, no real depth or logic or intellectual honesty, and merely advocate "other people's money" as the solution to all the world's problem, the entertainment value, let alone the intellectually-engaging value is near zero.  It is merely the radio-incarnation of a bum on the street begging for other people's money, and you can imagine how boring (and predictable) the bum's story is about why he needs "spare change."  Because of this format around 70% of liberal talk radio is slamming on "republicans" and comparing themselves to Rush Limbaugh.  And nowhere is this better displayed than the Ed Schulz Show where he can't go an episode without mentioning Rush Limbaugh, whereas I don't even think Rush Limbaugh has uttered Ed's name once.

However, I noticed something similar happening in the Manosphere.  A plurality, and sometimes a majority, of the posts and articles being written are in response to, and thus being defined by, feminism.

This does not mean that The Manosphere is as vapid and coreless as liberal talk radio.  It does have a core, it is founded in legitimate, genuinely, and completely new philosophy/thinking.  And it does have a noble and altruistic purpose.  Ergo, it can stand on its own.  But what I've found after reading ROK and Viva, etc., is that it is becoming merely and increasingly reactionary to feminism or the latest feminist bint spewing the most idiotic of ideas.

Realize that while most of which feminism and socialism advocates is outlandishly stupid, and certainly deserves a response, the truth is their numbers and stupidity are staggering and incomprehensible.  This has resulted in a limitless number of stupid ideas and stupid thoughts flooding the idea marketplace.  And while your visceral reaction may be to shoot each and everyone of them down, I fear all it is doing is driving traffic to otherwise unremarkable and irrelevant feminists.  Additionally, as you know, I believe the situation in America is unsalvagable, so why bother wasting your time rushing from fire to fire to vainly put them out?

Ergo, I am suggesting something for The Manosphere and all content generators within - a month where not one reactionary article or post is written in response to the latest idiotic antics of western feminists.

Not to say we'd be abandoning them forever and letting the rooster rule the roost, but for a month, instead of giving them an absolute value of attention, we dedicate our efforts and focus towards other more-productive topics.  We already are covering health, working out, finance, economics, philosophy, etc., which can more than adequately compensate for the lull in feminist-related topics, but perhaps we can also discover new fields and pioneer new lines of thought.

In short, I'm done responding like a Pavlovian dog to the newest of the never-ending retarded ideas coming from the left.  I'm going to focus on something else for a while.  All authors, bloggers, and internet personalities are welcome to join me this month.


Unknown said...

I would love a month like that. Also, someone that's good with charts should compare their Web traffic ratings for the proceeding month the month of silence and the following month.

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. It seems to zap my energy just reading about some of the stupid shit from feminists or leftists, so I imagine that those who constantly write about it, might feel a hell of a lot better, if they stopped giving that nonsense so much of their attention.

Eric Mueller said...

I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the traffic those people get is people following links from manosphere blogs. I sometimes wonder if they're not trolling for attention. If we stop giving them that attention, maybe they'll slowly go away.

Glen Filthie said...

Well done, lad! And long overdue.

Here is another tidbit I want to throw out there - particularly to you money guys:

I am an older man. I have done well, married a traditional girl, bought a house, have 2.5 dogs and an idiot for a daughter. I have a sizeable RRSP. I come from a time when going to college still paid dividends.

Going forward, I want to hide my wealth from the gov't in order to retain as much of it as possible. I want to establish a financial 'bomb shelter' and do it quietly for the days ahead. Recommendations along this line are muchly appreciated. Nobody really seems to be addressing this other than some nutters and SHTF types.

RobertW said...

Very nice idea. But to be fair, ROK does have many articles where reaction to feminism is not front and center.

Eight said...

The core philosophy of the manosphere is based on the concept captured by the German word "Bildung", which roughly translates to "formation". Many call it "self-improvement", however we are not merely improving our skills and talents. Skills and talents are means towards further ends. This self-improvement is sought for its own sake, and in effect animates the very being of the man who seeks such an end.

Anonymous said...

The core philosophy of the manosphere is based on the concept captured by the German word "Bildung", which roughly translates to "formation". Many call it "self-improvement", however we are not merely improving our skills and talents. Skills and talents are means towards further ends. This self-improvement is sought for its own sake, and in effect animates the very being of the man who seeks such an end.

The rest emanates from this concept.

Beppo Venerdi said...

Great minds think alike: http://beppovenerdi.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/basta-cosi/

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I hope it catches on!!! There are much better things to focus on then just another feminist nut-job hair-brained idea of how the world should be bent to her desires.

Black Poison Soul said...

Challenge accepted for a couple months Cappy. It's probably a good thing for the mind to get away from the endless screed of BS put out by the retards.

Anonymous said...

Much as I would like to agree, the left's goal is hurting humans through government/social interference---or, at the very least, sapping freedom and energy via government/social interferenc.

The natural state of man is one way. Leftists seek to change x free behavior/consequence via y program.

In essence, to be an anti-leftist is to be perfectly at home in the natural state. It is the leftist that constantly seeks to change it artificially.

So, in essence, we ARE defined by leftists. Without leftists, there would be no terms like "libertarian and "conservative" because such terms necessarily describe those who oppose the proposed change.

Wayne Earl said...

i am in full agreement. i took the red pill after throwing a suddenly physically abusive wife the f out after only six months of marriage. If ive already taken the trash out, why do i insist on bitching about garbage long gone?

mental clenliness, imo, is just as important as physicalfitness, good habits, etc. i didnt reboot my life only to whine about my old shitty one. i want to leave the bitterness behind.

QueenA said...

Good observations Aaron. RoQ is in!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. However, I do think we need to keep tabs on the silliness of feminism. After all, we are the counter narrative. And, even if this wasn't feminism, then we'd still have to offer counter-points to any and all agendas that are this outrageous...its for posterity's sake. Back to the Captain's comments...I think there is a chicken and egg linear progression to consider. The Manosphere needs to grow (and it will, thanks mostly to feminism and their outrageous bullcrap). But, its incumbent upon us to show blue pillers the absurdity of a latest feminist claim or idea etc. Once we've established ourselves and enough men are woken up then I highly suggest implementing iCulture, in fact, I recommend ALL men do that immediately. iCulture is using current technology to empower YOU, the individual, to custom design your own entertainment, news...and overall cultural experience. When enough men iCulture and presumably choose, for instance, entertainment content that is pro-male etc, then as a positive consequence we'll "molt" today's contemporary culture and narrative that is seemingly infested with feminism and their horrible and stupid ideas. iCulture is the ultimate MGTOW!

Legion said...

I never click to stupid, so no feminist or liberal sites. I thank others for trolling there.

You have to look on the other hand with your example: Society is seeped in liberalism and feminism. As Rush does not leave liberals out of his talk show, whether for a day or otherwise, I do not expect the manosphere to leave out feminism. Of course Rush fights establishment repubs as we fight normal women too.

JoeAmerica said...

Forget about feminism its not going to do anything. Its going to be up to guys to restore America.

Clayton Christensen has a theory on why our economy has remained stalled. His assertion is nether the left or right has any kind of working answer. The YouTube below is the short version, there are longer more detailed explanations on YouTube by him.
The short answer is disruptive empowering innovations.


Elon Musk is an example of the type of guy who creates this type of stuff.

He is like a modern day Howard Hughs in my opinion.