Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Liberals and Leftists Are Impervious to Logic, Math, and Reason


the old smokin' man said...

You're right this type of person is impervious to logic, reason, and math. The only reason for "debating" or arguing with them other than just the satisfaction of shaming, ridiculing, etc., is to provide intellectual ammo to others present who might be open-minded to the truth.

Kristophr said...

There IS a talking point.

Leftards exchange talking points, and leftist politicians have their minions deliberately inject that day's Pravda into forums that leftards hang out at.

The RINO establishment in the Republican Party tries the same shit, but they get laughed at by the TEA Party crowd.

Kristophr said...

Not arguing with a tree.

Arguing with a two year old. No one has said "no" to them, and made it stick.

You have to just say no to them, and physically restrain them from doing what they want to do anyway ( get free shit, and spend other people's money ).