Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Night Linkage

Predatory cultures taking advantage of empathetic cultures.  How much you want to bet the UK was all affirmative actiony with this guy?

Is it possible to enjoy the decline, part 1.

Precious.  A worthless academian who never worked in the real world rues the trend of companies getting rid of HR departments.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you could fill pages of posts explaining the bizarre economics of absurd cost of living differences around the world. There is no way the mere language barrier justifies the gap.

The thing about building a palace in Pakistan instead of the UK, is that you have to live with Pakistanis instead of modern Britons. The mystery is why this is seen as a negative. :)

Just some guy said...

The real advantage a HR department brings is when it is time to get rid of an employee. The HR department has the sort of people who know how to jump through all the government hoops to unload an employee. This raises another question: How can we expect to have employment if we are going to treat employers as second class citizens. An employee can leave a job for any reason at all, but an employer has to jump through a hundred and one hoops to let an employee go.