Thursday, April 24, 2014

Government Workers Have No Clue How Spoiled They Are

And MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) is just the latest proof of just what clueless and spoiled children they are.


Glen Filthie said...

Tell me about it. My mother was a career lifer that was convinced she would make more money in the private sector. When you trash talk baby boomers - you don't know the half of it.

That old bitch will tell you kids too, that you should be HAPPY to work scut jobs! It's the economy dontchya know!!! Then that cnut would get hissy and pissy if you bring up her gold plated pension plan and obscene paychecks. She was convinced that if she worked in the private sector she would make even MORE money because, well, she was just such a SWELL worker that the management would have no choice BUT to pay her!

When I hit the job market it was the same for me up here in Alberta as it is for you kids now. The Oil Patch was in a bust, we were in full recession, people were losing their businesses and homes - and my fucktard of a mother just looked at it all and basically said 'Sucks to be you' while she spent money and went along as if nothing was wrong. I have never been able to forgive her for that.

Today, my wife and I are the only ones employed in the private sector in my family. My brother is is borderline gov't/private sector - works for Telus. My brother in law and his wife are 'public school educators'. Both my parents were municipal snivel servants. My mother and father in law worked for a gubbermint subsidized shelter for battered women and are now retired parasites living the good life just as my own parents are.

ALL of them look down their noses at my wife and I as if we are second class citizens. It would almost be worth the pain to see a Cypress-like collapse here just to see those fucks lose THEIR jobs and have to live like the peons.

Sorry for the rant - but this is a HUGE problem. It should be getting better in tough times but it is actually getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Neither do you, Aaron Clarey.
You're completely spoiled and putrid and you don't even know it.