Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Why Scandinavians (and Naive SWPL Americans) are Suckers

I am always amazed how Scandinavians (and many Americans) allow people in from other countries (as well as people within the country already) who have no intention but to take their charity for granted and parasitically live off of the taxpayer.  However, Molyneux has an OUTSTANDING and MUST LISTEN rant in this podcast about why that is.  It's around the 51:00 minute mark and it goes for about 25 minutes of non-stop rant.


businessbrokermatt said...

Is there a link?

Torgo said...

Thanks for sharing that Molyneux with us. I'm glad to hear him speaking against empathy in this rant, and defending the concept of a healthy sense of good and evil and self-preservation.