Monday, April 21, 2014

Just Once, Some Intelligent Shit

I have only one request before I die and pass on in this world.

That Davis Aurini would for once write a quality, thought-provoking intelligent piece of shit.

Of course he can't because, well, in an affirmative action sort of way he is a Canadian, so what do you expect.

But still

Just once

I beg

I plead

Could the man just write one intelligent piece of shit?


Anonymous said...

Allright, I'll bite.

Who (or what?) is Aurini?

Frank Montgomery said...

Aurini's latest post would make the most kick-ass and relevant sermon of all time, if there was a preacher in churchianity with the balls to give it.

Also contained interesting tidbits of the scam that is Worldvision. Kind of funny how there's this TV syndicator of the same name that has to put a disclaimer on their logo saying they are not affiliated. Now I see why that isn't such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

This shit is awesome. What the fuck Aurini.