Monday, April 21, 2014

Bail Me Out of My "Music Education" Degree



Anonymous said...

I honestly think that 18 year old kids are not 100 % responsible if they get lured into borrowing a huge amount of debt because of false promises and deceitful marketing of colleges and universities.

Of course they shouldn't be bailed out by the american public, but be recompensed out of the assets of said colleges if the promises turn out to be bogus.

Kids are kids so why let them become slaves just so that some assholes can enrich themselves on them?

Jennifer said...

Boo-freaking hoo. She was over-charged. After finishing an education degree, she's still misusing the word 'myself' and doesn't understand the the camera is not a mirror so she doesn't need to reverse her sign.

redpill going galt said...

Did she say "husband to be"? If she is already engaged get that guy a copy of BPE stat! He needs to rethink this decision. FWIW, looks like she already yanked the video too. Went back to re-watch to confirm what she said about husband and it has been pulled.

Anonymous said...

Video is down