Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Best Rant Against Sports Addicts Evah

You all know my personal disgust not with professional sports, but rather the people who base their vicarious and meaningless lives on them.  I've had a good rant or two in my life about it, but nothing like this most recent podcast from Bill Burr.  Starts at the 14 minute mark and lasts a good 20 minutes.


Wandering MGTOW said...

The Fix Is In: Pro Sports Is A Scam

I've read this guy's books, and I agree with his conclusion. Basically, professional sports are rigged to maximize TV ratings.

I could write at length, but it would only be a rewrite of what he has posted on his site and published in his books.

Here's the site address:

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with paying to be entertained.

Jones said...

"I don't see anything wrong with paying to be entertained."

I do when it's some of my tax money being spent on subsidising sports venues ...

There's even a name for it: ballpork.

BTW Cappy Cap, thank you for turning off Welsh Cursing Mode for your captchas. During the nest Eisteddfod, I am certain great Welsh songs will be written in your name. :-)