Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm Calling Bullshit on All The Fake Mental Disorders

Yes, language warning.  do not play at work or in front of children.


Anonymous said...

I met a guy recently who was complete shit about getting back to be on something important. When I called him out, he said "yeah man I have total ADD".

I flat out told him: "No you fucking don't. It's not ADD. It's PAY FUCKING ATTENTION".

When I was a kid in school, there was none of this "add" safety blanket to hide behind. There wasn't even "lactose intolerance". And we know it's bullshit because there isn't a single starving child that's "lactose intolerant".

ADHD is a MYTH and the Jewish creators admitted it.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Autistic black male that agrees with everything you saying. Keep up the good work Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes. I love these rants. They're music to my ears. Please make more.
As a college student I meet jackasses like you describe on an almost constant basis. Whenever I'm at school I worry the assholes are rubbing off on me.
Your blog keeps me sane when I'm dealing with those pansies.

Atlanta Man said...

Bipolar is a real disease with people switching between manic and depressive states.Mania is also real as well as clinical depression.these are measurable diseases with specific receptors(or lack of enzymes) responsible for these disorders. PTSD is also quite real however whom may really have it is up for debate. Some mental disorders are in the suspect territory (sex addiction in men for example) but bipolar,manic,PTSD,and clinical depression are quite real and debilitating. Still love your content,and the rant was entertaining.

Anonymous said...

12 Part essay that exposes psychiatry as a bogus science

Inventor of ADHD: “ADHD is a fictitious disease”

Co-Founder of DSM admits there is no way to scientifically prove that mentall illness is real

One year old babies and younger being put on psychiatric drugs

Psychiatric Drugs Shorten Life Span by 15 years on average

Psychiatry is based on lies and falsehoods

Psychiatry is a fake science

Every human emotion is now a "mental illness"

Ten Myths about Psychiatric Drugs

Studies show psychiatric drugs have no benefits and are dangerous

Psychiatry is now giving 3 year old children drugs

Psychiatric drugs make you sicker

A few free eBooks talking about how psychiatry is a massive hoax

A list of THOUSANDS of psychiatrists who have committed crimes against their patients

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:31: You're an idiot. Lactose Intolerance is real.

ADD is really something but its not a mental disorder. ADD is just boys being unable to handle a classroom environment because humans, especially children, and most especially boys, are not made to sit on their asses and listen to someone who barely passed college try to brainwash them.

Albert said...

You know, if someone exploits crying to elicit sympathy over having Aspergers, that's about as clear an indication that exists that they _don't have Aspergers_.

_Real_ Aspies, ie Dr. Hans's 'Little Professors', as he so fondly called the kids in his study, get to grow up in a world where nearly everyone around them is utterly f**king nuts _and_ emotionally deceptive/manipulative to the point of being sociopaths.

Authentic Aspies have crippling penalties_and_ a bunch of extra botch dice applied to their Folk Ken skill. Social manipulation is doomed to fail. Soon enough you learn to not even mention it because all it does is tell people that you're an easy mark.

TalkWalk said...

@anon the reason most children aren't lactose intolerant is because most children were drinking breast milk not so long ago. It's mainly once they hit 15+ that the body starts downregulating production of lactase.

Anonymous said...

I've got APD, AKA I can't stand people.

Peregrine John said...

Yeah, real Aspies don't tell people unless they're really sure it's a safe place to do so. They're usually the opposite of the sociopathic jackasses who falsely claim the thing, and the jackasses drive the real ones farther away from ever admitting it.

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet two words version: Endocrine Disruption

Long story short: Some have inter-generational effects meaning a mother can have them in her blood stream and they effect the child. Sometimes not unitl later in life, or the mothers grandchild. They effect everything including brain development, and they are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

You basically summarized my thoughts on Human Biodiversity as well. Useful, but so what? Overcome.


Anonymous said...

Asperger's is definitely not bullshit because I've had to deal with sensory overload, anxiety, difficulty in social situations, and below average motorskills for my entire life. It is a disorder that is physical as well as emotional and mental. Sometimes it's even soul crushing.

But someone with Asperger's isn't going to proudly proclaim it and demand a bunch of free shit for it. In fact, I was ashamed of being on an IEP and I did my best in school so that I could be placed out of the program and I finally was. I would always turn down benefits like unlimited testing time. Only a few close friends know of my diagnosis and I will never disclose it in a professional setting.

Luckily I had a mild form of Asperger's and I had great parents who advocated for me and held me to the same standards that any other child should be held to. They treated me the way a normal child should be treated instead of some victim.

LIfe is undoubtedly difficult with Aspergers but it isn't impossible for you to have success academically, socially, professionally, and romantically.

Anonymous said...

There are no tests for any so-called 'conditions'. "There is no biological evidence for anything listed in The DSM." - Dr Brent Potter Re so-called 'Asperger's Syndrome' I emailed the wife of Dr Peter Breggin, M.D. and she said "Dear Joe: See Dr. Breggin's book Toxic Psychiatry. The labels describe complicated behaviors not medical conditions. Very best, Ginger"

Anonymous said...

There are no tests for any so-called 'conditions'. "There is no biological evidence for anything listed in The DSM." - Dr Brent Potter Re so-called 'Asperger's Syndrome' I emailed the wife of Dr Peter Breggin, M.D. and she said "Dear Joe: See Dr. Breggin's book Toxic Psychiatry. The labels describe complicated behaviors not medical conditions. Very best, Ginger"

Unknown said...

I just believe that the psychiatric community over diagnoses people.

Unknown said...

I do agree that people are being over diagnosed for profit. Like a child who likes to run around instead of sitting down and being bored is labeled as having ADHD,ADD, or some kind of learning disability. Another thing, why is a child who learns differently diagnosed more often times than not with a learning disability so that it relieves teachers of actually giving a damn enough to sit and help the child understand by showing them another way to do the work? Just because they don't understand the way you are teaching yem does not mean they have a learning disability.

Unknown said...

The problem is that people who have conceived 'guilt/shame', along with feeding the inferior self; use labels as a tool, because guilt/shame, and the inferior self, shifts the blame and creates defense mechanisms. I discovered this from the people that have conceived these lies: depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, and borderline personality. They have all admitted to having guilt and shame, and ‘fear of embarrassment’. When you talk about your personal problems, and you talk with people on that intimate level; you talk with people that are at your level. Psychologist are equal to their client, and the client is equal to them. They are living in a denial. The pharmaceutical companies are gladly able to use them because denial needs excuses: depression, bipolar, schizophrenia etc. And so does pharmaceutical companies. Yes, those excuses are also the pharmaceutical companies excuse, to dish out pills. But, many people in the general population have guilt shame and a sense of being inferior and they need an excuse. It’s a full circle, so to speak.

Kid/teen conceives one or more of these: approval problem, guilt/shame, 'fear of humility' and pride. They need mass amounts of denial material: DSM, MH forums, MH articles etc. They pursue the ultimate exposure, but think it's a cover - MH career. They validate themselves through their client. The psychologist's need for validation inadvertently comments the Drug industry's need for an excuse and validation.

It is beyond doubt that there is no signature genetic inheritance with any family tree; just about 75% of the population has self conceived these self reflective projections: depression, bipolar, schizophrenia etc. It’s just in EVERY humans capacity to be able to make choice, and one can choose to become ill willed with ‘guilt and shame’ and a sense of being ‘inferior’, with of ‘fear humility’, and a choice to wallow in Pride and Denial.. Yes, it’s expression is redundant vague and self reflective impressions – it’s the ‘art’ of self deception.

It's beyond doubt that there is no chemical balance problem. It's common sense; hormones and chemicals serve the purpose of aiding the body to adapt according to the environment. Chemicals and hormones are designed to be constantly changing, in respects to what you're doing, thinking, perceiving and experiencing in the environment. There is no set balance and there will never be. Ah yeah, and we have the fact that millions of people have chosen an MH label, and those millions never took any clinical test! If there was any true physical cause, you would not be able to get a label without a clinical test..So in other words, you would not be able to choose a label.


I must not hide the fact that the majority of the ones that have admitted this to me (guilt shame and fear of humility etc.), have repeatedly mentioned that their label is ‘guilt and shame’. So it is likely that once they have used the label, and proclaim themselves to have this label; that its the trap that they put themselves in, and they have also mentioned rambling thoughts that they are a liar, a hypocrite and a fake.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatry is LAZY MEDICINE. Get your body and life balanced. Get off the drugs and discover health for your wealth not the psychs wealth. Theyre called shrinks for a reason. Those drugs they use shrink your brain, your adrenals and your life.