Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lake Maggiore and Gotthard Pass

Some more pics of Europe for those interested.  As always embracing the suck.  Drove from Zurich over the Alps into Italy over the "Gotthard Pass."  Was allowed to hold, but not shoot, a European gun.  And then the picture of Lake Maggiore from my hotel in Stesa.  More pics on the way.

Now while I'm gone I want all of you good hard-working Americans to work extra hard and pay those taxes so I have nice, smooth roads to drive on when I get back.


Wiktor said...

Aaron, what suck? Switzerland looks amazing. Great views and no criminals to worry about. This is pretty much the fairytale for 99% of the world population.

Glen Filthie said...

They sell those up here in Canada I think. They're called Brugger and Thormet or some damned thing and they come in 9mm with faggy capacity limits so that liberals don't get their panties in a wad.

I prefer guns that take steel mags with rivets. Rivets can be drilled out and the mag put back into service quite easily. Plastic mags are often glued or epoxied and getting them back to their original capacity can be very difficult.

Can you guys still get Uzi's down there? Jeez, I would like one of those! (Dunno what I would do with it...but they are cool!)

Watch out for the food Cap. Those guys cook shite that would make billy goats and Englishmen retch.

Nate w said...

Stop photoshopping pics. We know you are living in your mom's basement paying off all your child support and alimony arrears to your entitled American fatty ex wife. (not projecting, promise).

Tom de Plume said...

You going to be in Milan Thursday or Rome this weekend? Be great to buy you a beer.

Fred said...

Cappy, you're in my favorite place on earth! Head out to the island and check out the palace gardens.

Paul M. Jones said...

What's the weapon?

Anonymous said...

I like the juxtaposition of the gun and the (obviously) children's playtoy environment.

Wandering MGTOW said...

Splendid views!

Better get to Rome before the snows start... Mostly because it's a great party town, and there's loads of more scenery there and on the way.


Captain Capitalism said...

Tom, shoot me an e-mail at

CAPTcapitalism@yahoo.com and give me an address.

We are going from Bellagio to Venice now. Then to Florence and then, I don't really know.

Also, let me know about traffic. Can't promise anything, but if we're near, yeah, I could use some sit down and relax time.


Jeff Wood said...

You are going to Venice?

First, it will be crowded.

Second, do not sit down in St Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco): they are bandits. There are a couple of reasonably-priced places at the shore edge of town, and the Italians go there.

Even the Italians here are complaining about the ripping-off this summer.

Aaron said...

After brightening it up, it looks pretty similar to an MP5. Hard to tell though.

The scenery is great. :D Will you be climbing any of those mountains, Cap?

chris said...

Details, Aaron, Details.

You drove the pass in exactly what? On the bucket list... in something small and fast (Fiat Abarth would be ideal).

Have you had the cheese, and have you discovered what real coffee tastes like yet?

Anonymous said...

Dude what's with the gay pride flair hanging from the ceiling in that first pic? Don't let us down, man.

Anonymous said...

With the icon of the Theotokos on the wall, I am thinking it might just be a rainbow with no political connotations. I hope.

Anonymous said...

This looks like an H&K MP5, german made, 9mm parabellum submachinegun.