Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Sponsor

This week's sponsor is Andro-Plus.

If you are looking for a testosterone supplement, but don't want Obama's permission via your doctor to get it, consider trying Andro-Plus.  It is a fraction of the cost it would take for you to get it via 3 doctors visits and a trip to the pharmacy, and you'll find out whether testosterone supplements even work for you on the cheap.

However, be aware that there are lawsuits being filed (as there always is) that claim there are negative side effects OR no effects at all.  In short you take this stuff at your own risk.

Again, I've used Andro-Plus and saw no effects (good or bad), but others have used it and swear by it, so see if it isn't for you.

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Ras al Ghul said...

For any guys that want to boost your testosterone I would suggest the following with or without the above:

1) Eat Eggs, especially four eggs right before you go to sleep. You will notice a difference

2) Almonds - 2 tbs of almond butter at breakfast and dinner, or raw almonds

3) lift weightsat least three times a week, especially these four: bench press, squats, deadlift and military press if nothing else

4) get plenty of sleep

5) exercise and lose the fat

6) check your vitamin levels, especially D and K

7) Yohimbe and other herbs (if you use them, rotate them, you can find a list, they work to varying degrees on each individual, rotating them helps.

8) sex

You will notice a difference just doing those things.

Things to avoid:

1) Alcohol especially beer and bourbon


3) marriage and/or having kids, they lower your T

4) lack of sleep