Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Fear and Suffering In Europe

Greetings All!

Today was adventure in a genuine Citadel in the town of Besancon, France.  It was also an adventure because my host is a pilot and I got to fly a plane around the French country side.  And yes I did get to fly the actual plane!

However, sadly, I must provide one bit of editorial.  The citadel that I visited, which was once a mighty and nearly impenetrable fort in this French town, has since been converted into a zoo.

Yes, a fucking zoo.

So where once proud French soldiers stood defending the town against various assaults, they have now turned their barracks into housing quarters for kangaroos, pigs, rats, roosters, rabbits, and other creatures that are now shitting where they slept 300 years ago.

It frankly pissed me off to see such an achievement of engineering and militarism reduced to being a tourist trap that relies on captured animals to draw the crowds. Ergo, I took no pictures of the animals because I thought it beneath the men that served there.

But on a happy note I did tell a French, street punk, millineal, tatted panhandler to "fuck off" when he came begging to ask me to forfeit some of my life in the form of currency so he wouldn't have to.  He understood me quite clearly, and was actually shocked and irritated that somebody would refute him so boldly.  Still, after a bit of bravado, he stood down, moving on to parasite off of some young naive females who believed he was genuinely disadvantaged.  They poured out their finite life blood in the form of their finite time in the form of their finite currency because...well... they never studied economics too seriously or perhaps were intimidated.  But still, it's good to see leftist women taking care of leftist men.

They deserve each other.


Anonymous said...

I once stopped in Switzerland to take a piss. That place is immaculate.

Dr. Coyote said...

Don't worry, the way things are going the French will need it back as a fortress soon enough. Assuming they have any men left who will man the place.

TroperA said...

It would be odd to think of Fort Snelling being converted into a zoo. I wouldn't see it happening.

I suppose it's a liberal's dream come true: A "Oh look how this icky place of war is now being used to give children joy!" kind of thing.

outsider said...

I would have said je suis desole mais non or something lol

Simian Browse said...


Have you experienced any Muslim diversity in your Euro travels? What about any other hostile immigrant types? I keep reading of the ethnic unrest throughout Europe (especially in France) and I am just curious if what I read is lining up with what you are experiencing?

chris muir said...

heh.good one!