Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Am Not Responsible for Sexual Assault

Boys, I don't know about you, but I'm getting awfully peeved at getting lectured for shit I didn't, never have, and never will do.  I'm also sick and tired of the fake "sexual assault" epidemic and the outright lie about 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted on campus which, intentionally or not, slippery slopes into painting all men as potential rapists, sexual deviants, not to to mention, dramatically increases their chances of a false rape accusation.

Want to fight back?

Well, if you notice the downvotes on this video that is fully endorsed by

The Democrat Party
and even
President Obama

is getting a full 1/3rd downvote.

That's impressive.  This was a professionally orchestrated piece that has the FULL BACKING of ALL THE INSTITUTIONS (media, government, academia, etc.) of the United States, and it STILL is getting a full 1/3 down voted.

Let's make it at least 1/2.  Visit the video, watch it, and if you get the feeling you're being accused of being a rapist or are somehow part of the problem, down vote it.  It would be a rare triumph of the voice of the people over those who wish to be our moral superior and dare to have the gall to lecture us about a problem that is completely political and not our fault, and therefore, not our problem.


Dylan said...

There's another point of view here. I'm sure you know that people aren't keen on helping whenever something bad's happening while it doesn't involve themselves. So many stories, videos, news, studies demonstrated that people will just walk by fainting people, wounded people, crimes in progress, etc. This video simply tries to make us aware that it's on us to stop shit if we can before it's too late.

Now for the red pill part. This video/campaign might have a good message at first, but we all know what's truly behind this. Why sexual assault, for one? Because the stats are blown out of proportions and because it's mostly anti-male. They might have both men and women in the campaign, but we all know who will suffer from this...

just some guy said...

Dylan they will walk by fainting wounded men there is no shortage of white knights stepping up for women.

midgetmage said...

I feel like a rapist from that, and I'm a woman... I would think Obama would have more pressing matters than PSA's too.

Marshallaw said...

I read down through the comments section of the video. I knew things were bad in the US but didn't realise how really awful the situation has become. Leftists and manginas seem to be running the show. Its on this side of the pond too but its not as obvious. The look of OBummer at the end.... has that guy stopped eating? He looks decrepit.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmm no fat actors in that video? does that mean something?

Anonymous said...

There are separate videos of people (famous I suppose, I don't follow them) saying "It's On Us," and those have at least half of the voters choosing to downvote.

Anonymous said...

1 in 5 now? Wow, I remember when it was 1 in 3. I can see their credibility just eroding away.

Torgo said...

High-ranking harpy and harridan Jessica Valenti has confirmed that this campaign is truly "aimed at men".

Throw this info at anyone who says that this campaign is gender-neutral and that we are being paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Mental illness is fake.

But you know what's real?

Ass-Burgers syndrome. Because I have them..