Friday, September 19, 2014

We Beat the Marxists

Between long distance road trips, mountain climbing, working out, semi-daily runs, and pre-winter maintenance on the house, I insist on keeping my brain fed.  And the way I do this is by downloading and consuming an inordinate amount of podcasts.  I recently devoured about 5 hours of documentaries on WWI and am always on the hunt for more.  However, since I switched the hosting service for my podcast to "Podomatic" I discovered if you sign in through facebook you can scour their selection of podcasts.

This new trove yielded some interesting podcasts like Sooper Mexican, among others, but there was one that I listened to that was just HORRIBLE.  I couldn't immediately understand why as I was pre-occupied installing a new door, but whatever they were saying was mind-numbing, academic pablum.  Even if I wasn't pre-occupied I doubt my mind would have been able to pay attention to it.  But soon I understood why, even with undivided attention, nobody would have been able to stay awake listening to it, when one of the hosts said,

"Well I'm a marxist."

That jarred my frontal lobes enough to now pay attention and I wished it hadn't.  For what I was now paying close attention to was a podcast between two marxists who specialized in "advanced intellectualism."

My brain was then treated to two self-proclaimed intellectuals agonizing over concepts and ideas that were so removed from reality and practical application to the real world that it was only in their theoretical world that such concepts could be discussed.  They used words that I had never heard of before, but knew could only exist in a philosophy that existed only to serve itself.  And all of this discussion was with the arrogant air of pseudo-intelligence that would even put NPR hosts to shame.

It was the epitome of everything wrong with academia and lefter leaning "intellectuals:"

Dumb people
Using made up words
In a fabricated philosophy
With no real world practical application
Solely for the purpose of
Making themselves sound smart
And rationalizing the theft of other people's money

(You know, kind of like religion without a church.)

Anyway, the whole reason I sampled their podcast was because they were the highest ranked podcast in Podomatic's "philosophy" category.  And though I rued wasting what time I did on listening to it, I do have to emphasize a silver lining.

They WERE the highest ranked podcast.

To all my listeners - MANY thanks for your support.

If you want to listen to The Clarey Podcast (which you do, you just don't know it yet) you can download it here or get it through iTunes here.


Ollie said...

I just heard the podcast.

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Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant analysis of the Left.

In addition I really liked Top Shelf. I demand Top shelf 2

Kate said...

Enjoyed your ROK article.