Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tee Hee, Math is Tough!

Why, oh why is there a wage gap?


Wandering MGTOW said...

The source article for that graph is interesting reading too.

I am not surprised by what the graph shows. It matches what I've seen in my encounters in the real world.

Here's an example. There are female politicians in the halls of Congress who literally cannot form a simple declarative sentence. Yet, they are graduates of Ivy League Law Schools. If they're so smart, how come they can't talk?

Anonymous said...

I notice that even the stupidest major still has an above average IQ score. That's something, right?

Anonymous said...

When I was in grad school at a State university (emphasis on Ag and engineering), I saw histograms of SAT by major. The results were as you'd expect: Education and Marketing, low. Accounting, engineering, and science, high. Liberal arts, bimodal - it included both the Dept of Mathematics and Theater Arts.

Anonymous said...

I got up from bed to tell you something that didn't let me sleep:

I want to raise the awareness about what is a more dangerous group for the male species: the females or the old aged ones ?

I found out the answer while being in a problem with an old aged one. It doesnt matter the gender now, but hearing so many words from that person, at one moment I heard: ' anyway, I dont have more than 15 years to live...'

So now contemplate about the answer to the question. Its obviously the old ones who can become tyrants, and who can escape punishments for any crimes they do against you, because death can save them in the last minute. Like I happened to experience. It doesnt matter that the old one I was fighting was a woman, I'm happy that she spoke, and revealed the truth somehow.

As for women as a danger, they only count for their numbers as votes. Guess who do they vote ? You guessed it, they vote for the old ones in the government, its them who are the tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Lazy with above average IQ. The tortoise and the hare.