Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian Plagiarizes the Captain

I have largely avoided mentioning Anita Sarkeesian because:

1.  She's an attention whore and any attention is good attention in her eyes and
2.  There's more than enough people exposing this fraud.

About the only thing that irks me is how she gets $160,000 (or whatever it was) for what is nothing more than politically-correct whining and real people with real talent go unfunded.

But this crosses the line - plagiarism:

I do not take kindly to having my literary works being used, plagiarized and then taken out of context.

For the record I have never contacted or e-mailed Anita.  I really do have better things to do with my life.  I merely wrote this piece which she obviously then co-opted and used to make it seem as if I have sent her hate mail.

The only thing I will say about Anita Sarkeesian and all the media attention surrounding her is simply this:

The real story about Anita Sarkeesian has nothing to do with any of her "work."  It has everything to do with how the media, the gaming industry, video game developers, and other institutions are so dumb and blinded about this evil person that they give her the attention, funding, and platform they do.

And that really is all that has to be said (and will ultimately be the legacy of) Anita Sarkeesian.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dude, you need to get this revelation out somewhere with more visibility. I don't know if you have a big following on twitter or youtube,but you need to get out in front of this. This is an opportunity to metaphorically punch feminism in the mouth publicly that should not be wasted.

If you can get this to Sarkeesian's foes on youtube and twitter, and then convince them that this is a good opportunity to stuff her lies back down her throat,they will do most of the work for you.

We've all known for quite some time that she is making up this "harassment", but this would seem to be a concrete example that people can keep referring back to.

I know you're probably pretty nonchalant about it.I would be in your case as well. Personally, it would bother me,but it wouldn't bother me enough to really take action on my own behalf.

And that would be a HUGE mistake. These people never stop screaming about stuff,no matter how trivial. This is YOUR opportunity to scream over her about something that is NOT trivial.

It can make a big difference. It could help a LOT of people too.

Make videos about it. Not just one. Make several. Tweet about it. Repeatedly. Don't let it go.

Finally,make sure that people who are anti-Sarkeesian KNOW about it.

Sargon of Akkad on youtube is pretty anti-Sarkeesian,and he would definitely know more people who can make hay with this.

Only you can start the ball rolling. Once you get it rolling, I and others can help roll it right over this lying bitch. And I would LOVE to help.

TroperA said...

Do you have any legal recourse? Can you get her to take down the quote (or to at least stop claiming that it was sent as hatemail?)

I knew she was scum, but this behavior is a new low, even from her.

Anonymous said...

The media is not being "fooled" by Sarkeesian, it is deliberately seeking people like her, in order to push the agenda that it wants to push (i.e. feminism).

Anonymous said...

But Cap, it's ALL about her. So everything you, I or anyone says, writes or does is directly addressed to/at her, I guess.

By the way, Anita WHO?
On second thought, never mind.
I trust your judgement.
I've already given her more attention than she deserves.

Anonymous said...

In fifty years, nobody will remember who she was or what she did.

Toilet Cleaner said...

If you want a cartoon analogy to what Anita Sarkeesian is doing, look at the episode of The Simpsons when Marge was fighting against the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon company to remove the violence in it.

When the company did what marge asked, the cartoon became boring and children stopped watching them. The company lost market shares and had to revert back to it's old ways in order to gain back their audience.

Same logic will apply to the video game company.

Unless, of course, those video game changes translates into such a high increase in women consumption as to make up for the loss in men market shares. But I highly doubt that.

In this case, men will make their own home brewed video games, outside of the commercial distribution network, and there will be nothing she will be able to do against it because it will no longer be subject to regulations.

In the end, she will change nothing. Even if she turns the gaming industry upside down, men will always have their video games their way. She is just out to make a name for herself and everybody is falling for it. Both the feminists and the stupidly frightened gamers who think that the sky will fall because of her.

Viredae said...

There is the chance that someone took your words verbatim and sent her an e-mail using it, but seeing how Anita tends to put up the entire e-mail and here it's just a tweet, I'm kinda suspicious that it is as you say.

Look on the bright side, Cappy, even Anita reads your site!

Alex from Australia said...

No surprises there. A liar and a con artist became a thief. Who knew.

I will show you a much worse case of a person plagiarizing your works. This guy is pretty much regurgitating everything you say and making his own videos. On top of that, he is much more handsome than you:

If that doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will.

Mark said...

I don't think she's clever enough to plagiarize. I suspect it's more likely that someone else sent email to her that quoted you.

Anonymous said...

But isn't theft the sincerest form of flattery ?

Glen Filthie said...

Hmmmm. As a chit house lawyer Cap - that isn't plagiarism. Misrepresentation, maybe. She has correctly attributed the content to its author.
Plus, you can't really gripe about this when one of your primary sponsors is Academic Composition.
But what of it? I say let the cankle do her thing and spread your words among your enemies. It will bring them closer to you and give you an opportunity to confront them and raise your profile in the process.

Anonymous said...

Couldn’t it be that the person who sent her that e-mail actually quoted your article? He (I’m assuming), would have been one of the readers of RoK, and found your statement a bit too inspirational.

Jamie said...

I think she must have a crush or something on ya Cap

Crazy bitch

dpdp said...

While I shudder to think of someone like Anita reading ROK, it comforts me to know that they are naturally prevented from parsing the content by their emotional blinders and other biases.

Anonymous said...

What Glen Filthie said. That's not plagiarism. Plagiarism is to steal what someone else produced and claim it as your own. Anita did not do that, she correctly attributed it to the Capn, including the bit where it says "By Cpt Capitalism". And how exactly is she misrepresenting by quoting out of context? She quotes the entire article up to the underlined point. What follows afterward is just an explanation of *why* the premise of the article is true.

Academic Composition isn't plagiarism either, though, since it takes place voluntarily. The academic composer sells something that was written for sale to begin with, there's no theft. What it is is ghostwriting and fraud, but not quite plagiarism.

-Red Knight

Anonymous said...

I should add to the last, the one thing which Anita does which is a misrepresentation here is to use the tag #hatemail, which is dubious since it isn't mail in the first place, not directed at her or anyone else. Yet, the extent to which she quotes the ROK article shows quite clearly that it is indeed an article written for the public, not a private communication, so idk. Her motivations for using that tag might be whatever.

-Red Knight

The Black Knight said...

Sharkeesian is a ho. Pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

If you recall, Captain, I sent you an essay about 2 years ago which you said you'd publish - about Communism. You never published it - maybe it wasn't very good - but phrases from it appeared in yout writings ever since.