Sunday, December 07, 2014

Capitalism is Reality

From my latest piece at ROK:

Ergo, capitalism is not some kind of fanciful political theory concocted by a delusional, pontificating trust-fund baby elitist (that would be Karl Marx). It’s merely the economic manifestation of human nature.


Anonymous said...

This article should be re-posted on the Lew Rockwell, Ludwig Von Mises etc. web sites. Brilliant!!! Absolutely Brilliant!!! One of your finest articles yet!


98abaile said...

Now if only it was in human nature for leftists to think rationally.

Anonymous said...

As I like to say, capitalism is what free people do when you leave them alone.

Peregrine John said...

Don't forget insane. Marx was great at manipulation, but he was a nutter.

Goober said...

I've always asked people who are against capitalism "what choice do you have?"

I don't even like to call it capitalism, because that's the derogatory term Marx made up for the voluntary cooperation between individuals in order to reap mutual benefit.

What else could you call it?

Common sense, maybe?

It sure as hell isn't optional. People are always going to cooperate when it benefits them, and every time they do, that's capitalism.

Troy Lee Messer said...

An amazing article. The finest post yet! And that is saying a lot.

Karl said...

an excellent article Captain!

you gave three reasons why Europe can go socialist. I'd add one more: we foot the bill for their national security. Eliminate NATO and the alliances, and watch those countries shift gears away from socialism in a blink.

The First Joe said...

The argument is moot, given that we don't have free markets and we don't have free capitalism either. You expend much ire on what is called socialism, which is really "socialism for the poor/masses" - whereas what holds undisputed sway over all Western economies is socialism for the elite "Davos class": of landowners, corporate reptiles and banksters... Certainly the UK remains basically a fuedal state: as far as land is concerned where over 50% of the land is owned by about 6,000 people (mostly anonymous and mainly very old aristo families) who get all kinds of tax-breaks, kick-backs and subsidies from the gov't aka the taxpayer... Massive corps like Starshmucks pay almost zero tax in UK but are effectively subsidised to the hilt by what is/was taxpayer provided infrastructure / educated / healthy workers.... Previously nationalised utilities, built on taxpayer money have been / are being hived off to "private" buyers - who continue to receive massive subsidies from the taxpayer! To the point we have the ridiculous situation where French and German nationalised utilities OWN British utilities, and get subsidised by the British taxpayer to extract their profit - this makes ZERO economic sense.... And finally, the massive ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - the private cartel* of fractional-reserve-banking which creates 97% of the fiat money supply as interest yielding DEBT (and that interest is never created, which creates a mathematical inevitablity that funnels REAL wealth (labour, production, commodities, land) from the many to the very few). Hence the inescapably growing debts everyone struggles under, and the ever growing gap between rich and poor. As long as those fuckbags OWN the medium of exchange (and the puppet politicians), and charge the rest of us usury, we are all fucking serfs just renting the ability to trade from them. THESE THINGS ARE THE OPPOSITE OF A FREE MARKET. ... (*New Scientist published a study that traced ownership of all corps/banks back to a handful of banks)