Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Clarey Podcast Episode #76

William Shatner is god
The Captain rides a mechanical bull and breaks the record
Cappy also discovers the American South East is much larger than he first thought
Kids puke!
Partying in Atlanta with some readers
The eulogy of a Social Justice Warrior
ISIS meets US troops, not Iraqis, and hilarity ensues!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!


Unknown said...

The handle above the passenger door is the "Jesus handle".
Just say'in
Lt. Tom

kinetic said...

Cappy, I think I know how the trannies's book could have sold "hundreds of thousands" of copies. Remember that it had a "huge impact on Acadamia"? It probably has been used in many Gender Sudies or LGBT Studies courses at universities as required reading, so every student had to buy one. And many copies were probably sold to libraries because of it's "importance", where they are gathering dust since. As far as regular people buying the book because they want to read it, you've probably sold more books than him/her/it.

Captain Capitalism said...


You could be right, but she'd still would have received royalties frm those sales.

Seriously, I hate to be so simple, but you can just rely on these leftists lying through their mouths.