Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bad Blacks Hurting Good Blacks

This is the reason hard working, honest, legitimate and honorable blacks must suffer the "Black Tax."

It is also a reason black men should consider joining the Republican or Libertarian parties so as to (not just join for moral and philosophical reasons) send a clear signal to potential employers you're not a worthless, whiny human being, prone to lawsuits, ineptitude, entitlement, and problems.


JKB said...

I remember a comment Thomas Sowell made on one of his Uncommon Knowledge appearances. Seems that the low hire risk for black candidates disappears when employers do background checks. What does the Obama/Dem administration do, treat doing background checks as a form of discrimination against Blacks. One might think they do this to keep those of the Black community who avoid criminal behavior from getting ahead. Or, perhaps they feel all Blacks have criminal backgrounds. Either one is racist.

Anonymous said...

The comments under that article are an awesome display of SJW attacking reality and facts with "feels" and "white supremacists did it!" nonsense. And the Commenters are backing each other up against their nonsense.

The turning point is coming. Silencing/dismissing reality is proving harder and harder and SJW are on the wrong side of that particular sledgehammer.

Good times.

John VI

matthew thomas said...

Government is hurting all black Americans. The family is the foundation of any society, welfare has subsidized and encouraged the very worst behavior and impulses among the poor population, this has destroyed the family unit. Black people being disproportionately poor are disproportionately effected.

Robert What? said...

How unfortunate for the hardworking, productive black man. This is why most everyone, including white Liberals - in fact especially white Liberals - don't take most black credentials seriously.

George Chijioke said...

Stop joining political parties. Blacks must build a rational society for themselves, and stop expecting the government and corporations to save them.