Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hero's Journey

The Black Brigade makes a heck of a philosophical podcast drawing parallels between the book "A Hero of a Thousand Faces" and consuming the red pill.

And yes, I am on vacation.  And yes, it is difficult to blog from the field...especially while driving.  Posts will resume at a normal level in a week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Captain, I just found a video by the amazing atheist. In it he's recording his reactions to your video.

I figured you might be interested. The title is "Mental Illness is ALL FAKE!"


Jamie NZ said...



Best I can do on such short time frames

Call your mates!!!

Enjoy your holiday Cap

Time is precious and it may be your last

JoeAmerica said...

Feminism's orthodoxy states men women are not different, at this point scientifically this is akin to 14th century flat earth claims, Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that men and women's brains are clearly different.

On to the weather and the religion of global warming. Just like feminism any criticism of global warming you will face SJW and their ilk. There is a lot of bad science in global warming and the green agenda. These guys below are heretics to this religion.

Why "Global Warming" Failed