Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How Cold is a Survivalist's Friend

There's one thing the Minneapolis police department rely upon to keep their budget in line - winter.

For when winter hits, crime goes down because, well...cold.

Much easier and enjoyable to steal a car or go shoot up a hood during July than it is during January so all the criminals, thugs and parasites stay in because it's too cold to commit crime.

Thankfully, however, this is very telling  of the criminal and thug mindset in that it belies something about their true nature - laziness.

Of course criminals and parasites are lazy by their nature.  They don't want to work, but still want to enjoy higher standards of living so...theft.  But you add the cold in and they don't even have the work ethic to steal.

Thus why this is very heartening.

To support yourself, let alone be a survivalist, takes work and effort.  Things criminals and thugs don't have.  But if the vermin of Minneapolis can't even work up the effort to steal and rob during the cold, imagine just how disincentived they'll be to survive or leave the city if the shit were to hit the fan.  Do you think they're even capable of knowing how to keep water liquified for livestock?  Or how to insulate shelter?  Let alone how to build shelter?  They're so dependent on government subsidy or victims for their crimes I doubt any of the criminals have ever thought about what to do if the heat were to go out or how to survive for more than 2 days in a below-zero post SHTF scenario.

Therefore, while many of you may be thinking about heading south to where it's warmer and nicer, perhaps consider Montana, Idaho, or just rural Minnesota when it comes to surviving a SHTF scenario.  Old Man Winter will have your back at least half the year and may have the good graces to kill off the parasitic class for you, allowing you to enjoy the decline.


golden geese news said...

Exactly, Cappy! You are 100% correct. Did you ever notice that, in general, countries in temperate climates, outperform countries near the equator? Cold weather keeps you from becoming a pussy. That's why I was saddened when you said you wanted to move some place where it's warm. Don't do it! There's just more of the kind of people you don't like (lazy, dishonest) where it's warm all the time.

ARoss said...

I don't know if the cold deters that many criminals/parasites: http://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/super-page/drunk-white-chick-dropping-n-bombs-and-offering-to-blow-police-has-a-winning-attitude-if-nothing-else/

Adam Lawson said...

I imagine the heat down here during the summer might put some of them off, too -- 90+ degrees, 90+% humidity.

Matt said...

I live in Prince George's County Maryland, easily one of the most parasitic parts of America. I'm always amazed at how many fewer thugs are around when the mercury drops.

But the real question is, are there actually fewer thugs or did they finally get so cold that they started pulling up their pants?

Albert said...

Adam, heat is survivable. They just need to pull their pants the rest of the way off, and find shade and water.

Anonymous said...

"While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best."
-Tom Allen

Anonymous said...

"Retreat and Wait for Winter" -- Russian military maxim

Phil Galt said...

Not having the cold here in Texas, we have to rely on ..... 'other' deterrents.

Jones said...

Finland ... Northern Finland.

I'm concerned about criminal scum Yanks getting passports. :-)

Ocelot said...

When the shit hits the fan I imagine they'll just have bigger gangs that constantly rape and pillage through the countryside.

Even with a lack of government, you'll still have people trying to eek a honest living, most of them unable to pay for mercenaries to bat them away from their farm or store.

Initially? It might weed out the weak criminals but the ones left over are probably the meanest son of bitches you'll ever meet with no strings holding them back - no police force in the immediate vicinity unless THEY'RE the police force.

Of course, I might be playing too much fallout and Wasteland 2.

Grizzly said...

I live in Orange County, which is the one Republican part of California. We have the mildest weather in the entire world, with long warm summers and short slightly cool winters, yet we have relatively little crime compared to other places.

There's a very simple explanation--guns. There are lots of gun-related businesses out here, which tells you that there are lots of people with guns.

When people own guns, crime drops.

Arthur Isaac said...

I have been preparing myself for SHTF in Alaska for the past 20+ years. Heading as far south as Minnesota seems kinda soft to me. Days down there make me feel like one of Frank Herbert's Fremen surrounded by a pack of sissies who can't do a thing at -20 F. Just trade desert for cold.