Monday, December 08, 2014

"The Girl Who Cried Rape"

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting mighty tired of getting accused of rape.  Felt this rant was necessary (use the link in case the video doesn't embed below)

Yes, language warning:


Glen Filthie said...

Boys, this isn't going to sit well with you...but the world has changed. Not only has your Captain gotten a haircut and acquired a wardrobe...but our women are in deep, deep chit. And so, by extension are we.

Consider: feminism and liberalism is forcing women into positions of authority and responsibility that they aren't psychologically equipped to deal with. They don't have the maturity, the clarity of thought, or the objectivity to perform in those roles. They are cracking up under the strain and that is why we are getting this foolishness.

Your founding fathers knew and understood that women are not only socialists and fascists by nature, but that they lacked maturity and critical thinking skills as well. That is why they weren't allowed to vote, hold political office or positions of authority in the workplace. That is why they were traditionally homemakers and raised the children.

In order to get the happy families of days past, we need to return to the practices and values that created them:
- you need to court your gals before you get in the sack with them. This is not a costly proposition; have your gal tag along for walks or runs in the company of others. Go on double dates to the show where everyone pays their own way. Go to get togethers and social functions where it's BYOB. All this will go against classical manosphere recommendations...but the idea isn't to get laid, it's to find a wife. If all you want is a quick romp hire a prostitute.

If you're going to get serious and intimate with a girl, make damned sure you vet her by meeting her family and friends. If they are chitty people, chances are she is too. This may sound like sanctimonious preaching from the 1950's - but it might save you from the drama and heart ache of a woman that turned out to be bat-chit crazy.

Rape is a double edged sword. Contrary to the femc*nts, if a woman dresses like a slut, acts like one, and goes to parties and gets sloshed and goes home with strange men - then yes, she IS culpable for what happened to her.
Same goes for you boys: if you are jumping in the sack with some gal you know nothing about, YOU might be the one getting raped later on...and it will serve you right too. Don't get private and intimate with a lady until you know EXACTLY who she is and what baggage she carries.

Black Poison Soul said...

@Glen Filthie - let 'em break it, God can sort out the mess afterwards.

Chris said...

I am finally on board.

daniel_ream said...

"This may sound like sanctimonious preaching from the 1950's [...]"

Absolutely not. Everyone, male or female, is shaped by the type of relationship their parents had. People will mimic their parents' relationship in their own. The best way to see how a prospective wife will behave in a marriage is to watch how her mother treats her father.

christian said...

From what I hear from all of this, one more reason not to talk to girls at college campus. My best friend is iphone , computer and my beats headphones. I'm slowly swallowing the red pill. It may be painful at first to be single and alone but hopefully I find happiness later on. Since when rapr became a culture???

Anonymous said...

Quite the rant. Sadly, I tend to agree. I simply cannot take any rape accusations seriously anymore. Right now, crying rape is extremely fashionable in Western societies, despite the fact that the Western world is safer now than any other time in history.

We are truly spiraling down the rabbit hole of insanity in the Western world. It's nothing new. Witch hunts are a recurring phenomenon in all cultures, particularly ones that are in failure mode; i.e. Western culture.

This will get ugly. Big trouble is directly ahead. Hold on tight, lads

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comments Glen!

Damian said...

The "rape culture" is a breakdown of our language. "Rape" is just losing its definition. If a girl going to a huge party, knowing what kind of environment is, gets busted ass drunk, and has some incidental sex with a guy is "rape"...

... then what is the word for what happens to all the women when an invading country take over a village? It certainly can't be "rape" or it at least needs a qualifying word before it.

Anonymous said...

'Undocumented sexual intercourse'?

Mister Alighieri said...

Hey Captain,

And here I thought I was the only one that wore suits and cravats. :)

I am right there with you on this. I used to "believe the victim" even after it happened to me. Fortunately the girl that accused me knew she wasn't raped, but did want to get back with her bf. So the verbal charge was enough to sway him.

Many years later, and much more experience, I now only begin to believe a woman if she has went to the cops. If she wont go to the police, then I discount the charge as attention whoring. I wish I didn't feel like this, but life has shown me that that is the more reasonable path. I told my gf that if she was ever raped that I would require her to go to the cops and press charges. She looked at me and said "of course, why would I not go." She understands that handling these things appropriately is the only way. Using the court of public opinion is where attention whores want the matter weighed out, because few people can divorce their feelings and look at a situation reasonably. Cops are trained for it, and are often hard to convince because they know much of it is BS. So unless a woman is willing to go to the cops immediately, she is likely lying. And to all the women that say it's too hard or stressful to do the right thing. I remind them that they claim to be as strong as a man, and sometimes life is difficult. And if they don't press charges, they will allow a rapist to rape again. So they are complicit in the "rape culture," and probably the reason real rapist go free. Personal accountability is a difficult path, but it's the only one that matters.


Mister Alighieri