Saturday, December 06, 2014

HR is BS

I'm drunk, beligerent and indifferent in this video, but it's the best ripping apart of the HR industry there ever was.

And yes, a language warning


Jamie said...

Hey Cap

Gordon Tullock one of the great economists or so I hear died just recently aged 92

Good video post by the way

Anonymous said...

OK. HR and their stupid personality profiles, hand writing analysis all that other shit, managed to recruit the biggest bunch of crooks into the banks that have literally bankrupted the entire West.

That *all* the banks went down all at once, because they were all up to the same cookie economic tricks, is a trubute to two things. HR best practice and Kenynesian economic fuckery.

Anonymous said...

HR is ruining companies, one by one. I've seen this in ridiculous job ads, stupid processes, and psychobabble.

Avoid HR.

The ATS/online application process is also awful - where you have to type in your resume over and over, go through a gazillion drop down menus, and somehow pack your resume and cover letter with enough buzzwords to meet the ratcheted up keyword match threshold.

HR screening processes are even more farcical. Even if your application makes it past the bot, the 23-25 year old HR lackey with zero industry experience is supposed to be able to judge you as qualified or not.

Relegate HR to payroll and benefits and let your hiring manager network.

Companies who are serious about developing talent pipelines should allow a certain percentage of a department head time to develop professionally and expand his/her network. These people know their disciplines and do not dumb down things into keywords.

These job ads are no different from personal ads from spinsters. They are neither serious nor legitimate. The laundry list for has gotten longer, but still is disconnected from reality.

Next time you hear someone in the business of hiring say "Where is all the talent?" translate it to "Where are all the good men?"

The answer is- you've already missed out. So much time spent in Prince Charming/Purple Squirrel fantasy land -- and way too much psychobabble fluff-- that you've already turned them down and they've gotten over you.

Kimberly's Lament said...

Most awesome video ever!

Rich Fader said...

Dude, if that's you indifferent, I fear for anybody you ever passionately hate.

Anonymous said...

My first job when I left the military was for a major defense contractor. I failed to get my resume through their on-line HR process and it went no where. Then I got a personal referral through a freind of the manager. he hired me on teh spot and lamented that he needs ten more guys just like me, but can't get a single referrel throuogh his HR. If he didn't have personal referrals from friends, he would have to cancel contracts.

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