Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Defaulting on Debts and Jailing Bankers, Can the Iceland Solution Work for the US?

In this rather lengthy video I review and analyze the Iceland financial crisis of 2008 and explain how their solution to the crisis would and would not work here.  I may then go on a tangent about "what President Cappy" would do...which entails a 52 card deck a la Iraq to hunt down banker scum on crotch rockets totting AR15's.


grey enlightenment said...

Hmmm we let the banks fail in 2008 we may have had faster growth, but only from a much deeper hole, so it probably cancels out.

Unknown said...

So put the deck out now, for informational purposes of course..

Jamie NZ said...

I reckon that deck of cards would sell like hot cakes and would be a nice little earner for ya if you sold them.
I keep hearing they're all runnin' to My Islands
They must have the loot stashed somewhere no???

Scene from Braveheart


Captain Capitalism as William 'Braveheart' Wallace

Jamie NZ as Stephen

Various Manosphere Characters

Cap: You know, eventually they're gonna take us to siege and collapse the economy.

Caps Enforcer: Hungry hordes, scared people, shake the very ground. They'll ride right over us. So what do we do???


Cap: I will make and sell decks of cards, hundreds of them like they did in Iraq except for the fat bankers

Caps Enforcer: Some bankers are fatter than others

[Entire Manosphere laughs]

Manosphere Guard: Volunteers comin' in!

Infiltrator: [kneels] Cap, we've come to fight and to die for you.

Cap: Stand up, man, I'm not the Pope.

Infiltrator: [smiles and stands] My name is Infiltrator. My sword is yours. I brought you this.

[reaches for something, Caps Enforcer tries to stop him]

Manosphere Guard: We checked 'em for arms.

Infiltrator: I brought you this.

[pulls out a sash]

Infiltrator: My wife made it for you.

Cap: Thank you.

Jamie NZ: [Watching the proceedings starts laughing. Casually saunters over to the food and helps himself] Him??? That can't be The Cap. I'm *prettier* than this man!

[to the sky]

Jamie NZ: Alright, Father, I'll ask him.

[to William]

Jamie NZ: If I risk my neck for you, will I get a chance to kill fat bankers?

Caps Enforcer: Is your father a ghost, or do you converse with the Almighty?

Jamie NZ: In order to find his equal, a Kiwi is forced to talk to God.

[to the sky]

Jamie NZ: Yes, Father!

[to Caps Enforcer]

Jamie NZ: The Almighty says, "Don't change the subject, just answer the fuckin' question!!!"

Caps Enforcer: Mind your tongue insane Kiwi!

Jamie NZ: [draws a dagger on Caps Enforcer; entire Manosphere draws weapons] Smart enough to get a dagger past your guards, old man.

Cap: That's my friend, Kiwi. And the answer to your question is "yes". You fight for me, you get to kill the fat bankers.

Jamie NZ: [grins] Excellent!

[removes his dagger]

Jamie NZ: Jamie is my name. I'm the most wanted man on MY ISLANDS...
[ https://r1016132.wordpress.com/2015/06/03/a-sense-of-urgency-whats-that-the-adults-in-charge-ask-heres-big-t-aka-me-to-break-it-down-for-you-overgrown-children/ ]
Except I'm not the boss of MY ISLANDS, of course. More's the pity.

Caps Enforcer: "Your Islands"? You mean New Zealand?

Jamie NZ: Yeah. It's mine.

Caps Enforcer: You're a madman.

Jamie NZ: [nods and starts laughing, then the entire Manosphere does as well] I've come to the right place, then.


Chemist said...

The name of the little douchebag you forgot is Justin Trudeau. He is former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's son. His only qualification seems to be that he has nice hair.