Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do Baby Boomers Deserve Nursing Home Visits?

The answer to a question that is wrong:


Anonymous said...

Depends. Did they ever have any children? If you don't have kids who have grandkids... You die alone.

Anonymous said...

Although I don’t consider myself part of the baby boomers (1961), I guess I’m there. I’ve paid my taxes, voted Democrat a few times (a genetic disease in my family), and I hope my kids do better for me than a nursing home.

I did not visit my father (born in 1929) in a nursing home. As dementia set in, and my mom unable to care for him, I moved him in with me for the last 3 yrs of his life. My dad was the first one in his family to graduate college, then Pharmacy school, and then a Ph.D. Pops gave me and my 2 sibs a rather idyllic childhood and got us situated well in life (CPA, JD and MD). He had a genetic disposition towards voting Democratic, as I did until about age 40. I didnt hold that against him.

As for me I do not expect to be visited in a nursing home, I do not expect to enter a nursing home at all. I expect, as the decline worsens, so will the rule of law and there will no nursing homes. I think the odds of me dying as senile old guy drooling while avoiding bed sores are far less than either with a bullet or other rapid violence (I pray not to be gut-shot and take 3 days) as the decline morphs into a full on collapse.

I got maybe another 10 years of good physical health- defined as healthy enough to defend kith and kin with the great equalizer - firearms. I hope a pneumonia takes me when I can longer raise a rifle. I guess I should stocking Depends along everything else.

As far as avoiding leftist twits, it is the way to go. There is no arguing with them as facts, let alone logic, has no sway with them. It was odd the first time I stopped socializing with a leftist-for the children-have no evil zones-oboma is great type of co-worker, but it felt so great and there was no down-side to it, that I’ve continued this trend and enjoying the decline even more. My brain hurts less by avoiding them.

As far as enjoying the decline, I question why there isn’t a bit more emphasis on firearms. Of course their first use will be to defend yourself and loved ones as the decline morphs into anarchy. The police will first determine if you’re a ‘protected class’ before taking their time responding. They are far better at completing a report than preventing a crime. Secondly, what else can a mere mortal buy, use, and pass on or sell to someone 10, 20 or more years down the line that will have likely conserved its value of not increased in value? Additionally, investing in training for those firearms is money well spent. Even if never used, there is an enjoyment factor for many. For me, seeing a targeted bowling pin get knocked over after a very perceptible time lag between ‘bang’ and it falling was a thrill (500 meters).

After following your logic as well as others, I’ve finally opened my own business. My silent partner will get as little as I can manage.

And yes, Bachelor Pad Economics was given to my 16 yo....

LOL, just wondering if ‘edited for length’ is part of your comment policy!