Sunday, July 12, 2015

Helping Out Blacks is Now "Racist"

To give you the short background on the story.  Mumia of Obsidian Radio did a two part episode (part 1  part 2) on my book and whether it was racist or not.  Specifically, he read the complaint of a reader "Vector 313" that claimed The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty was racist and that the Manosphere was eschewing black men.  Naturally, I disagreed, but sadly Vector 313's views are not uncommon.  Many (though I estimate only 40% based on book reviews thus far) of black men will view a book that is SPECIFICALLY and PURPOSELY designed to help them as "racist."  Because of this (and wanting to thank Mumia for covering this topic) I have put together a much needed response that points out the INSANITY (not to mention bigotry) of refusing help simply because of the race of the person it comes from.  I sincerely hope it reaches the ears of Vector 313, changes his mind, as well as any black man who agrees with him.
"Hello Mumia,

I was humbled to find out my book (The Black Man’s Guide Outof Poverty), and the issue of whether I was a racist or not were topics for two episodes of Obsidian Radio.  Obviously, because of the efforts I put into writing the Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty as well as that whole minor thing of being called a racist, I wanted to defend myself against your listener Vector 313 (and those who may agree with him).

In short, I need Vector 313 and everybody who agrees with him (that I am a racist for writing this book) to, step back, clear your minds, and ask themselves a very simple question:

“A guy wrote a book titled



Do you hear yourselves?

This wasn’t

“How to Make the Black Man Down.”


“How to Keep the Black Man in Poverty.”


“The Black Man’s Guide OUT of Poverty.”

You are accusing an individual, who wrote a book that is intended to help black men, which is the antithesis of racist, a racist.

Another minor complaint I noticed from Mr. Vector 313 was that the Manosphere does not care or is not for black men.  That it’s largely a white boys’ club and black men are neither welcome nor allowed.

But when one of the more prominent members of The Manosphere (that would be me) takes the time to combine his expertise in economic and finance, with the consultation and advice from man young black men, to author a how to manual with the express purpose of helping young black men lead a better life than he did, just because the author is white, THAT DOESN’T COUNT????

What more was Mr. Vector 313 looking for?  Perhaps a donation of 5 pints of blood and a kidney?

Here is the sad truth.  I can’t argue with the Vector 313’s of the world because they’re insane.  They have racism on the brain.   They are trained to see racism, even when there is a genuine and sincere offer to help, a genuine and sincere olive branch of comradery, a genuine and sincere attempt to help a fellow man.  And while I’d like to say that Vector 313 is in a small minority, unfortunately if I use book reviews as a proxy, nearly 40% of black men view a book that is designed to HELP THEM, as racist simply because it was written by a white guy.

Of course, I predicted this, but it still doesn’t make it any less pitiful and sad.  40% of the black population is going to reject help simply because it comes from a white guy (which, by the way, IS the epitome of racism).  But that’s fine.  Because while 40% may continue on the ways of the past, doomed to repeat it, and ignore potentially successful ways to enrich themselves and escape poverty, 60% won’t.  60% are at least open-minded enough to “give anything a try.”  60% are thankful that a (GASP!) white guy took the time to write a book specifically for them.  60% are going to read it, and 60% of them are going to improve their finances, not to mention their mental health, romantic health, family lives, and racial relations with other races.
So to the Mr. Vector 313’s of the world, who are very offended and are (predictably) used to guilty, SWPL, white people rushing to grovel, beg, apologize and ask “what they did to offend you?”

Fuck off. 

Obviously, being nice, sincere, and giving two shits about you doesn’t work with you.  Trying to help only results in an accusation of racism (because you disagree with the message) which is not only unjust, but insulting.  So fuck off.  Don’t want help?  Fine.  Nobody's forcing you to read the book.  You hack away at life using that same ole same ole “wisdom” that has FAILED to close the

Employment and
Life expectancy

gaps in the past 60 years. 

Keep thinking doing the same thing over and over again will result in different results. 

And keep viewing the world through racist glasses that makes you so ignorant you refuse help just because its origins are white.

Because as I’ve said before “It ain’t my life you’re ruining.  It’s yours.”

Ergo, I kindly and humbly ask you to reconsider, reread the book IN ITS ENTIRETY, and at least permit yourself the right to entertain ideas you may find disagreeable ESPECIALLY if they are designed and intended to help you.


Aaron Clarey


grey enlightenment said...

yeah there will always be haters. Let's say 40% of black men hate it, 40% don't care ,and 20% like it. If your book reaches 10,000 black men you possibly changed 2,000 lives. That's pretty good.

August said...

I was just thinking about this recently, because I keep coming across blogs that brand themselves as racist, and I think some of these guys are actually younger than me.

Maybe this has played out to the point where people don't care anymore. I don't think I'm racist, but whether I am or not has little to no bearing on whether or not I am right.

I have no idea about the statistics, but I am beginning to think the propaganda is failing hard and failing suddenly on this one.

Anonymous said...

stood up for you in the YouTube comments under my real name no less. I know you could care less about people's opinions of you but I could not just stand there and let people drag your name through the mud because they disagree with you. I know you are a grown ass man and do not need my sympathy or support, but I am sorry this bullshit happened to you and that any idiot thinks you are racist. You are not a racist, and never have been.

Normal Guy said...

Trying to help out blacks as a white man is inherently racist. It is racist because you believe they need your help to get ahead. It's the same rationale that shows that liberals and their welfare state are more racist than even the most hardcore white supremacist.

If blacks are equal or more intelligent than whites, why would they need the help of whites to get ahead?

Peregrine John said...

It's like I always tell people convinced that "The Man" is somehow causing all their stupid decisions: They're your chains; it's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we want to be perfectly and literally acurate, racism is the belief that one race is inherently better than other. And by writing a book to improve one race, you imply that they need your help because they are inferior. So, in the strictest, but pointlessly didactic terms, yes, Aaron, you are a racist. So is everyone else with at least half a brain. The races ARE different as groups. they each have inferior and superior qualities with regard to the other groups. Some of those differences are inconsequential. Other characteristics are gmae-changers. (i.e. no Pigmies in the NBA. NONE). That is why there is a block to check on the census. If they were the same, it wouldn't matter. But it does.

The proper response is: So what if I am? How does that change your desire to improve yourself and my advice telling you how to do it?

Accept that you are a racist. Never waste any effort defending yourself against the charge. Nove onto the important parts of the discussion. "I get it. I'm a racist. Now what are you going to do to improve your life?"

Al From Bay Shore said...

Hello Mr. Clarey. I went to the link you posted for Obsidian's YouTube channel and listened. I then offered a commentary that partially describes why some people view your text as racist. You might find use in some of what I mentioned (it's a lengthy commentary made up of four or five paragraphs). I issued the commentary in response to Obsidian who was in an exchange with vector313. Vector313 responded to me. His response, in my opinion, echoed the things you referred to regarding the dishonest arguments made by the left regarding capitalism. I pointed those things out in my response to vector313. He continued to come off as dishonest. At any rate, check out my exchange with him as well as my response to Obsidian. It may give you some insight on the politics embraced by popular Black culture as well as the reasons for which those politics are widely embraced.

Anonymous said...

And of course this entire blog post is playing the victim as he conveniently fails to mention that I said I purchased 3 copies of BPE and recommended it twice to other black friends who bought it. But yeah ... I'm just refusing his help because I'm a racist!!!!

What a joke of a hypocrisy. Instead of taking the comments for what they are, Clarey plays the "woe is me" card just like the black people you claim to be chastising. This blog only proves my point further that white men don't actually listen, they just straw man to death. 

Captain Capitalism said...

Yeah, one big straw man here. YOu even know what that means?

Anonymous said...

Aaron don't be intentionally obtuse, when you titled the book you knew exactly this would happen.
If it was non-targeted and more generalized (like marketing it towards/targeting it at all minorities instead of just one group), it would have been more palatable in the eyes of the PC-overlords. Their oversensitive butthurt never fails to amaze me.

You keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

People like vector 313 are the same as al sharpton and jessie jackson. They are nothing more than race hustling poverty pimps. Put them side by side to any African dictator and you get an exact mirror image. The consequences of their actions you see in the AA community - poverty, misery and utter disorganization on an individual and collective level. And that's exactly what they bank on.

Al From Bay Shore said...

Vector313, it might be a good idea to explain how Mr. Cleary made a "strawman" argument. You seem to be tossing that term around but you have yet to support your claim. I've noticed that you have done the same thing on Obsidian's post on this topic. Right now, all you have done was hurl accusations and claims with nothing to substantiate those claims. C'mon man, do better.

Jamie NZ said...

Read the comments section Cap...

We was talking about something unrelated, yet with a little copy/paste/name change my comments could apply to your situation...

"Cap says 'Kiss My Ass'


Bit hard to call the bloke a racist when he wrote a book called The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty

Them fucks are too lazy to even do their homework before they do a hit job these days

[Shakes his head]


That’s day one shit"

Doubting Richard said...


"Well, if we want to be perfectly and literally acurate, racism is the belief that one race is inherently better than other. And by writing a book to improve one race, you imply that they need your help because they are inferior."

No, he implies that many of them need help. That does not imply they are inferior, just that a disproportionate number are in circumstances that require such help. The reasons are very complicated, and involve a lot of racism of wildly varying character, including today's left-wing racism saying that black people cannot help themselves but need government assistance: Mr Clarey is contradicting that racism, telling black people that they are not inferior but can find their own path out of poverty with just a little guidance.

Note that this same guidance would have helped me to be wealthier than I am, avoid some of the errors I have made. However as a middle-class white male I was never told by society that I needed help, so I did find out these things, albeit with some mistakes along the way. Some of the people who are constantly told that they have no prospects except wards of the government will need advice as to how to avoid this fate and succeed on their own.

Robert What? said...

Face it: you are white, you are not a Liberal Democrat. By definition, everything you do or say is racisss.

Jamie NZ said...

Scene from Snatch

Captain Capitalism as Bulletproof Tony
Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313 as SJW Wacism

Cap in his local pub, standing at the bar finishes a business call whilst enjoying a well earned pint after a hard days graft

Enters Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313 with his crew and attempt a stick up...

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Should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now... #%&*$# off!

Cap takes a drink from his pint whilst Vector 'Wacism Warrior' and his crew glance sideways at each other and slink off out the back

Scene from Joe Dirt

Captain Capitalism as Joe Dirt
Jamie NZ as Clem
Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313 as Roddy

Scene: Cap minding his business and doing his thing. Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313 pulls up with a screech of tyres and a cloud of dirt...

Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313: Hey Cap. I thought I told you Wacist, nobody wants you around.

Jamie NZ: Hey. You're talking to my guy all wrong. It's the wrong tone. Do it again and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron!

Vector 'Wacism Warrior' 313: You're his brotha?

Jamie NZ: What if I am? What if we're like his family?

P.S. I gave the bloke a nickname to go along with his handle

Wabbit Season said...

Denouncing the people who give you aid and comfort sounds too much like a J-O-B to me ...

Vector 313 needs to check his privilege.

Captain Capitalism said...

Damnit, don't tell Vector, but there's only white people on the cover of Bachelor Pad Economics #evilracistiam