Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tuesday "I Lost My Boxer Shorts" Linkage

Interesting "4th of July" dates in American history.

The Fourth Power.

DT of DT and The Man decides to join the ole "Let's Repair Our Livers Bandwagon" in this episode of The Black Brigade Debrief.

I love the chart at the bottom.

Why do you run everyday?
So I can do it tomorrow (links to a lengthy video that you may want to have time to view)

Well, so much for Cos.  Now that we have evidence you can form your opinions.

Ahhh diversity.

My son was stupid.  Make a law!

I get a shout out by Mr. Cotto! 

The three types of dads.  Which one are you?


Glen Filthie said...

I have a question for our scholarly Married Dad. I was one once, ya know...'bout a 100 light years ago. By his definition I'm a fuck up father, I guess. My daughter is a militant lesbo/social justice warrior/feminist cnut that works in a job more suited for a high school kid in a bicycle shop.

My question to you younger fellas is this: what kind of child were you?

The fuck up: coasted through school, close enough was good enough, got shitty grades and couldn't care less, picked fights with other kids and teachers they didn't need to - and went out of their way to annoy the adults. Some were so bad that they would cut their noses off to spite their faces. They manipulate and played parents and teachers off against each other...and most probably never got the spanking or strap they so desperately need. These kids hang around the druggies sluts, and skanks and pretty much thrived on negative attention and bragged to their friends about their antisocial accomplishments.

The indifferent: coasted through school getting enough to pass and that's it. Despite the exhortations of the teachers and parents to find that which motivated them and made them happy, these kids just played video games and wanted somebody to do it for them. They went through school mildly depressed and dreaded the onset of adulthood. Many childishly cling to their childhoods well into their thirties when all vestiges of childhood are long gone. These are the kids that leave high school to pursue useless degrees in mickey mouse subjects - or cop out and content themselves with work at Walmart, or truck driving or as a security guard. This is probably 70% of them and most of them have some kind of chip on their shoulder.

The exceptional: these kids are on the ball. They are happy, extroverted and well spoken. They are interested and engaged and actively seek out learning experiences that take them outside the comfort zone. They volunteer, they throw themselves into their work at school, and they often go on to be kick ass parents.

My daughter is pretty much a moral and intellectual derelict. I'm sure she blames me for it and I feel guilty as hell about it. This, in spite of the fact that I personally tutored her in mathematics so that in grade 9 - she had an understanding of mathematics as a high school honour student. When she came home from university to announce that she was dumping the sciences to take fine arts at a no-name college I damn near had a stroke. I told her - take a year OFF and decide what you want to do. I pleaded with her to read some of our own Captain's thoughts on useless degrees but she knew better - and my asshole in laws agreed with her. She seemed to think that because she was our kid and we were bound to love her, we should love her actions too - or else.

Last time I saw her was four or five years ago. I hear about her doings through the in laws once or twice a year, and we swapped a few bitter emails last year...but it looks to me like she isn't growing up. Occasionally I still grieve and beat myself up for it all...but at some point we have to let go of our kids, they have to make their own way and do what they have to do. I used to be a sanctimonious, smarmy father when my kid was going to high school and acing exams and getting good grades. I thought 'You, Filthie, are da bomb! Other parents should have it so good...!" And with one angry e-mail, my angry, bitter daughter ripped our semi-extended family totally apart.

Families are not rock solid! They are fragile things and all it takes is one bitter, malicious fucking idiot to destroy them. If you perceive any problems with your family jump on them! Talk them out! If you leave it or assume all is well...well...Darwin and Murphy have a way of sand bagging complacent and arrogant fathers too.

Aurini said...

Hmm, it said that Cosby gave the quaaludes; not a drug that I'm all that familiar with (never done it), but Wikipedia describes it as similar to alcohol, with aphrodisiac qualities.

They could be used to get a woman blackout 'drunk' quite easily, but they weren't an off-switch pill innately; they were a popular recreational drug, a favourite of Hugh Hefner's apparently.

Buying a woman *a* beer, or some weed, or some coke in the hopes of having sex with her - while illegal in and of itself - isn't rape; taking advantage of her when she's incoherent or passed out is. The article was rather vague about why he gave them the pills, and what the effects were (it gave the dosage, but I have no idea what 1.5 pills means). Are we talking about sex with a drunk woman? Or a passed out woman?