Friday, July 24, 2015

Why You Are a Slave for 13 Years

Time for some basic, simple 4th grade math everybody.  The kind of math that debunks even the most complicated and detailed arguments of the left, not to mention, boils things down into very basic, simple, and understandable terms.

Understand that money is nothing more than the physical manifestation of human time.  We, as humans, would like to exchange our time because different humans have different specialties that benefit us in terms and quality and extension of our lives.

I don't know how to farm, but Bob the farmer does.
I don't know how to program, but Bill the programmer does.
And I don't know how to do taxes, but Amy the accountant does.

Sadly, neither Bob, Bill, nor Amy want me to spend my time doing YouTube videos for them all day.  BUT, if I convert my time into a universally accepted medium of exchange (called "money") which they can use to buy and purchase things they DO want, this allows us then to exchange our time.

So somebody pays me for my curse-laden wisdom.  This transforms my time into money, and with this money I buy groceries from Farmer Bob who provides me his time in the form of said groceries.

There is one small minor problem.

Once you convert your time into money, into a physically tangible item, it can be stolen, take, "haircutted" or taxed away from you.  And we all know how thieves and governments (but I repeat myself) love to take your money.

Now, in theory, there IS a difference between a government and a thief.  A thief merely steals your money and provides nothing in return, thus the definition of theft.  But a government TO THE PENNY should be provide you something in return.

What, you ask?

Well, public goods.  Goods that directly benefit you.

Roads, defense, judicial system, laws, regulatory services, libraries, etc.

But there is ANOTHER "small problem."  Democracy.

Since we live in a democracy, other people get to vote on how much the government takes of your time/money and where to spend it on.  And since it is human nature to be immoral, lazy, greedy, and parasitic, the majority will vote to take your money and spend it NOT on public goods that benefit everybody, but them.

This, in it's more literal and linguistic definition can be called "legal theft."  But it goes by the leftist euphemisms of "income transfers" or "wealth redistribution."

However, and let us be very clear and literal about this, this transfer of your time/money to other people with no compensation goes by another name - slavery.

Whether you like to admit it or not, whether you'd like to ignore this fact or not (as it will raise your ire) you are a slave to other people in this country.  No different than the plantation slaves of the confederate South.  No different than the slaves of the Caribbean trade during the 1700's.  No different than the slaves of the Middle East (that academians and history revisionists seem to ignore).  The only difference is that instead of being kept chained and on a plantation, you are tethered by law (which is enforced with jail time and guns), which (ironically) makes for an even more productive slave.  You "think" you're "free" on account nobody is stopping you from going anywhere, but this serves to make you more productive, which generates for income for your slave masters.

Of course not all of your time is confiscated by the government.  If they did that, then why work?  Why not become a modern day slave master who parasites off of the productive and just collect a government check?  But you are a slave to SOME LEVEL and the question is how much?

Thankfully, ole Cappy here has been blessed with SAEG (TM), and can tell you precisely what percent of your life is spent as a slave.

13 years.

The math, again, is quite simple and thus literal and irrefutable.

If you start working at 16 and retire at 65 that is a 49 year work history.  The state, federal, and local governments tax us at a rate around 36% (using government spending as a percentage of GDP).  However, not all of that money goes to public goods that you benefit from.  Truthfully, 75% of it is income transfers to other people, ie- your masters.  So if we take a 49 year work history, multiply it by .36, and multiply that by .75 you see that you spend

13 years

working for other people.

Now I know the leftist argument that is coming.  That this money goes to help "the poor," the "disadvantaged," the "under privileged," and "the children" and every other group of sops the left bribes with your money.  But even if I thought these groups of people were truly disadvantaged and deserved the income transfers, it doesn't change the relational fact that these people are parasitic.  And in them being parasitic, they are by default making you slaves to them for 13 years of your working life.

The point I'm trying to make is not one of whether there should be a safety net or we should spend money on the poor.  It is to clearly identify and explain what is going on - that those who collect a government check are parasitic and should be THANKFUL for those who work extra to bail them out of their stupid ass life decisions support them.  They should be humbled that other people are sacrificing a percentage of their lives (13 years to be precise) so that they are shielded from the consequences of their mistakes.  They should be grateful so many millions of Americans are working damn well near a quarter of their working lives for others.

Alas, because of human nature, the opposite is true.  These parasites are ungrateful, even entitled, demanding more and more, 100% incapable of humility, gratitude, humbleness, and thanks.  All they can see is that those who worked harder and didn't make decisions that required a parasitic existence have "more" than they do and instead of looking into the mirror and accepting responsibility, they merely vote in more.

Many of you ask why I'm such a hard ass or such an "asshole" when it comes to helping out the poor. 

I merely ask you why you aren't.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, I know you dont like liberals, but man this guy's speech- reminds me so much of your video about how tough life is.

Anonymous said...

How many years would it be if you factor in alimony and child support?

grey enlightenment said...

The question is: how do we deal with existing parasites? How do we prevent future ones?

Anonymous said...

What about compulsory schooling?

Robert What? said...

I've always said that the 16th Amendment effectively nullified the 13th.

Eric B said...

That's on average, but that assumes all are paying in equally. In reality, the parasites give nothing and the producers foot the bill. Thus for a producer, 13 years is probably underestimating it.

Survivorman said...

Since I'm more-or-less retired at 58..
Does that mean I've been a slave for "only" 6yrs?


Anonymous said...

If you add in property tax, capital gains tax, gas, licensing, healthcare and the fact that businesses are passing their own massive tax burdens onto consumers then the tax rate is up around 50% isn't it? So tack on 3-6 years of added slavery. Damn.

Factor in alimony and child support...Oh man. That puts it up around 75-80% for some guys out there. Up around 20-25 of flat slavery.

Makes "12 Years a Slave" seem like an escapist fantasy movie. Guys walking out of the theater going, "Yeah, that'd be nice but it'll never happen. It's good to dream though. You're innocent when you dream. Just 12 years then he gets to go and do what he wants. Must be nice...must be nice."

sth_txs said...

I figured out years ago when I lived in a state with an income tax I was already working 4.5 months out of the year for local, state and federal; I would estimate more like 6 months of every working year.

So, if you stay an average salary of around $50k for 30 years, 15 years of slavery.

Nothing wrong with the highest paying government job with the least amount of work.

Mark Matis said...

At one time that may have indeed been "simple 4th grade math". However, nowadays we have Common Core. At best, that MAY be "advanced 12th grade math". Mathematics in the earlier grades are all about "feelings":

"How do you FEEL about 2 + 2? And does it matter if both are the same gender? Or have any gender at all?"

Anonymous said...

Survivorman,(58-16)*.36*.75≈11.3 years.

sth_txs said...

Also, it is easy to pick on the perpetual welfare whores with the bastard kids and dysfunctional families living in public housing.

Let us not forget the crony capitalist corporate whoring that is costing us dearly as well. Defense contractors and welfare queen Elon Musk are also a problem.

Remember, warfare state is just as bankrupting as the welfare state. We have both.