Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ahhhh, Socialism

Yeah, you leftists keep championing this shit.


Alex in Montana said...

Venezuela belongs to ALBA:

(6) Caribbean stupid nations

Iran has "observer" status in this organization

Gatmando said...

Socialism is, as always, more about aquiring power over others and feeling good about yourself than about results. If the results aren't good. ..well that's someone else's problem.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

OT - here's a girl who blew through $122k in 3 years at college and is blaming her parents.

My favourite part is when she says her parents are lying that they can't bail her out because her dad has "worked for like a million years and they've got their retirement funds".

I guess my second favourite part is when she says her holiday in Europe she did with part of the money was part of her education!

HawkMan said...

"The one thing that scares leftists the most is actual progress because their entire platform relies on victimhood"

Anonymous said...

Laughable. I remember Sean Penn's love affair with that place. He wrote about how he could go jogging around and his compliment was that it was 'no different than LA' or some such. He couldn't see how the greatest compliment advocating that socialism works is that it can be compared to a free, capitalist society. I wonder if he still visits....

Found it

"When I woke, I headed out for a jog. I ran for miles, dodging cars and buzz-saw motorcycles, texting friends in Europe on the run, and looking for signs of the Hitler-esque world portrayed in the American press. Instead, I again found myself in a place not dissimilar to downtown Los Angeles at rush hour."

---Sean Penn

Joe said...

The tragic thing is, every time I've come across a political / economic blog and had someone from Venezuela commenting, they always seem like they're quite smart. Venezuela has a lot of promise, but it's being ruined by a corrupt government that seeks to control people, rather than empower people. And of course, the people who vote for the socialists so that they can avoid work.

Doubting Richard said...

Interesting graph on time to start a business. Also one of Greece's problems I understand - although there it is often impossible, as the owner has to pay taxes in advance on anticipated earnings.

By comparison here in the UK it took me about half an hour to start my business. Would have been quicker but they are a bit of a pain about addresses for directors and the company's official address. Cost £15.

It seems ironic that it then took two weeks to get a bank account from a company operating in the free market (truly: it was one of the few large ones not to take a bailout), until you realise that much of the bureaucracy deals with government regulation. Especially anti-money-laundering regulations used to solve a problem caused by governments, namely the black market in drugs.