Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Leftists are Lazy

I'm going to say this again until people get it.

I don't care how many millions of pages of books are written by thousands of political scientists, journalists, or grad students.

If you want to understand leftist politics you need to understand only one thing:

Laziness is the reason for EVERYTHING they do.


Anonymous said...

"Laziness is the reason for EVERYTHING they do"

I thought it was from bad education and idiot teachers who indoctrinate kids.

HawkMan said...

I'd love to ask every white liberal if they were forced to reside in an area with the Klan or in a ghetto, which would they choose. Let's see how dedicated they are to their beliefs.

Bucho said...

Not only that, but they are wasteful. Looks like a lot of stuff that was left behind in the pictures still appears to be useful.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...