Thursday, July 02, 2015

Built Up from Vacation Linkage

How gay marriage will affect my marriage.

An analysis of human breeding strategies r vs. k by Stefan Molyneux.  Part 1 of a 4 part series and I strongly recommend you download and listen to it.

This is the epitome of "Those Who Can't Do Teach."  Talentless people attending an "academic conference" on heavy metal.

As the parasites go hyperbolic.

College degrees are the new fiat currency.

Good for him.

No matter what, women do talk more than men.  However, letting the guy speak once in a while leads to successful relationships.  So ladies, STFU once in a while.


Anonymous said...

>An analysis of human breeding strategies r vs. k

A excellent discussion that asses the current state human affairs in the west and also brings me some assurance of the eventual collapse of the feminist-left, you simply can't fight biological laws that have taken millions of years to evolve.

The most dramatic insanity is surely 'R' based humans only being able to think & function short term, makes a complete joke of leftoids / feminists who claim to support sustanibility - when such support is actually 'K' based (right not left).

I especially like the discussion about 'R' based life being technically simpler (stupider) to 'K' based - implies that certain generations of humans are inferior, eg, the baby boomers.

Anonymous said...

Liberals seem intent on rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies. You can't compromise with that. The new HUD policy is an example of that. Suburbs vote Republican, so let's punish them by taking away their way of life. The philosophy has its roots in early Chicago politics. A politician wanted to build a rapid transit line through a neighborhood, but needed majority support to do it. He found the east side of the neighborhood to be more amicable and was able to get enough of them to support the line that it passed. Then he built the line through the WEST side of the neighborhood to punish them for voting "no".

Perhaps President Scott Walker or Marco Rubio could just fire right back on them. Put "affordable housing" in rich liberal enclaves. Run a noisy transit line down Rodeo Drive. New regulations and meaningless paperwork for industries that are disproportionately used by liberals, such as organic food and coffee shops, to make them more expensive. Per-mile road taxes for electric cars. Divert road funds from big cities to rural and suburban areas. Forcibly integrate liberal suburbs' schools into neighboring urban school districts. Anything to make liberals' quality of life suffer.

Fuck compromise, if you compromise with them, they'll just run over you the next time they get the chance.

Preferably, said punishment would also fulfill the objective of exposing that they don't care about the things they say they care about. Liberals' opposition to the above items could be construed as, respectively, hating the poor and minorities and wanting to keep them out of Hollywood/insert rich liberal area here, opposition to public transit, which disproportionately helps the poor and minorities, opposing 'sensible' health department standards for food safety (they use words like "sensible" and "reform" to mean "things liberals want", opposition to infrastructure improvement, and wanting to keep minorities away from their kids (and thereby hating minorities/racism). This sword cuts both ways, and it's about time liberals got a taste of their own medicine.

Blinding Buddha said...

Hey Aaron thanks for the shout out! Also you are always on vacation! Don't you got a job?? Lol