Monday, June 06, 2016

Burn Baby Burn

Again, I'll explain it to the younger and dumber people out there,

if you attend a school that runs advertisements during day time TV that is proof you are an idiot, you have no hope in life, and you shouldn't make it worse by attending one of these schools.

At any point in your history of ignorance you may read my book for a fraction of the cost it takes you to go to a degree mill.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly stupid or desperate must one be to go into massive debt paying for an 'education' product from a TV commercial? Many of those places are very expensive and the quality of 'education' provided tends to be quite low.

I absolutely loathe the educational industrial complex, as I was a hapless victim of it myself once. I hated school my entire life, yet somehow I was conned and pressured into it by everyone I know, mostly family. How fucking stupid was I to pay for something I hate? My sheepish, overly educated, non-thinking, family believes that education is the ticket to all success in life. I was a fool to have ever listened to them. Needless to say, I never take their advice on anything anymore.

I know a lot of good, decent human beings, and I 'm beginning to think that I am the smartest of them all. That is fucking sad because I have a very mediocre intellect. America is so fucked.

Joe said...

I'm glad that they're cracking down on these schools.

However, why don't these agencies hunt after places like Hampshire College with similar vigor? I'm sure tons of kids are coming out of places like that with similar limited life prospects.

I guess only one of the two actually employs said politician's friends.