Friday, June 10, 2016

How Democrats Use and Abuse the Black Community

A letter I wrote to one of my favorite radio shows that I thought might be worth sharing:

Dear Joe,

While your efforts to improve the lot and lives of those living in North Minneapolis is certainly noble, altruistic, and admirable, in an effort to advance the conversation to the point there might actually be a solution, an interesting question occurred to me.

Precisely what responsibility is it of the Minneapolis City council, let alone the state, to "fix" things in North Minneapolis?  no other municipality in the state has council members trying to "close racial gaps" and "fix neighborhoods."  In other words once the city, state, county, etc. supply public infrastructure, roads, cops, etc., their public and civil duty has been met and it is now up to the individuals within various communities to determine their own futures and lots in life.

Assuming this is true, this leads me to believe the various cohorts of councilmembers, state politicians, activists, etc., don't view the black community as a bunch of self-determined individuals, deserving of the same rights, treatment, and opportunities as whites, but rather pawns in their games to attain power, wealth, public office, and ego satisfaction.  Worse, they are willing to lie to entire neighborhoods, communities, even races, costing them their lives and futures as long as it helps advance their own self-serving political agendas.

It won't be until true statesmen are elected, who actually put the lives of blacks ahead of their political agendas and have the courage to point out the drawbacks of illegitimate children, self-pity, and replacing fathers with government checks, will the plight of North Minneapolis improve.  Unfortunately, most leftist politicians neither have the courage, nor incentive to do this.  Deep down inside I accuse them of being fully aware that North Minneapolis is not their responsibility, but instead of just leaving them alone, they take advantage of them. 

Perhaps highlighting this cowardice and abuse, or at least accusing them of it in public will wake up enough people in North Minneapolis that they jettison these false leftist prophets and take control of their own lives and destinies.

Good luck,



SM777 said...

That's been going on since the founding of the USA. The democrats controlled the
south before the civil war, formed the Confederacy (and designed the Confederate flag) during the civil war. After reconstruction, re-gained control of the south, formed the kkk as their enforcement arm and set up Jim Crow and segregation
in the former Confederate states.

One year after the Civil Rights act was passed (1964), Lyndon Johnson, sitting
President, democrat and former TX kkk member, pushed through the "war on poverty" welfare state. "People of color" were actively encouraged to go on welfare starting in the late 1960s.

From what I understand, there is one little strange rule which states that after
approx. six months of welfare payments any and all adult men in the house must leave or the welfare benefits are cut off. With that in mind, there is suddenly a situation in which a son and/or daughter are being raised without a father in the
house who won't be able to say, "No, you will not sell drugs nor join a gang" or "You will not have sex until you are married".

What happened after approx. 20 years? The primary cause of death for young black men was other young black men, and that was back in the 1980s.

I am aware that the illegitimacy rate in african-american households was definitely
under 10% and now? Approx. 73% or higher. It means approx. 3/4 of the african-
american family unit has been wiped out.

Hmmm, let's see. Before and during the civil war, the democrat slavemasters told
the african-americans under their control, "Obey us or you will be whipped". After the civil war, they were told "Obey us or you will be lynched". Then after the 1960s, they were told by the democrats, "Obey us or your welfare will be cut off".

Of course, the lamestream media will howl and scream "un-intended consequences", but it's very coincidental. A former klansmen (perhaps with assistance of another
democrat/kkk member, Robert Byrd), sets up a government program which wipes out most of the african-american family unit in 50 years.

Yep, it's all a coincidence...............go back to sleep.

All's well, just ask Obama. Or Bill Clinton who is still the nation's first black President because he used to play the saxaphone on Saturday Night Live. Remember seeing that in the news back in the 90s? I do.

Anonymous said...

you will like this one about generation snowflake

Anonymous said...

they trained their voting slaves well


Un Pendejo said...

"We needs mo monies fo dem progremz! #blacklivesmatter"