Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday Afternoon Linkage

Aurini vs. YouTube.  A compelling case to diversify your social media.

Glorious Karl also chimes in about the censoring in today's social media.

A book review I was paid $350 to do...and it still wasn't enough.  It's about Fareed Zakaria's "In Defense of a Liberal Education" and it was TRULY an insight as to just how much of a bubble our educational elite live in.

Eat, sleep, sex.  It's so simple but you girls just insist on making it complicated.


Blinding Buddha said...


Thank you for the shoutout! I really appreciate it


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing former ACI Students will be next in asking for student loan forgiveness....

Peregrine John said...

Not many people are aware of reasonable (in terms of usefulness and audience and potential direct income) alternatives to YouTube. That kind of information would be real handy.