Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Difference Between Keynesian and Austrian Economics

A request from an Asshole Consulting client that I thought I'd share:


Anonymous said...

Headlines: will AirBnB forbid our right to choose who we host ?

Webley Silvernail said...


Great rant on Keynesianism vs Austrian School. Here's a link for yr Lieutenants to the late, great Henry Hazlitt's classic 1956 book, "the failure of the "New Economics", wherein, the brilliant and acerbic Hazlitt walks through Keynes' General Theory and demolishes it line by line, page by page and chapter by chapter. You can read the entire book for free online, courtesy of the von Mises Institute (those Austrian guys). BTW, you didn't mention Keynes' sporty private life, swinging with Virginia Woolfe and the other members of the Bloomsbury group, back in the day, swapping wives and husbands willy nilly, etc (Keynes swung both ways), so I was quite impressed with your discretion, Cappy, as there could have been any number of cheap shots taken.

Anonymous said...

Great rant on Keynes vs the Austrian School. Here's a link for yr lieutenants to Henry Hazlitt's 1956 classic, "The Fallacies of the 'new Economics'", wherein Henry Hazlitt, in his entertaining acerbic style, dismantles Keynes' "General Theory" line by line, page by page and chapter by chapter.


BYW, I was sure you were going to take a few cheap shots at Keynes' private life, since he was a practicing bisexual, hanging around with the other leftard progressives in the Bloomsbury group (including Virginia Woolfe and her husband and her sister) swapping wives and husbands willy-nilly while writing copiouosly on how to improve the lives of the "little people"they disdained. Admirable restraint on your part, Cappy, not using the low hanging fruit for cheap shots. Oh well, maybe next time!!

Webley Silvernail.

Gatmando said...

Had to leave this - just came across it the other day and once I saw your video it was just too apt:

Now, for the bonus question: Austrian vs. Chicago School ?