Thursday, June 09, 2016

Why There Are No High Hopes for Trump

I find the heart attacks and strokes traditional (and typically, older) republicans have over Trump to be entertaining because it is perfectly analogous to your old, square parents just not getting something the younger kids are hip to.  And that "something" is the fact that Trump, as bad as he is, is at least not a career politician.  He's not been in office, he has private sector experience, he speaks his mind, and even though we may even vehemently disagree with some things he says, it's the fact he's blunt about it that makes it so refreshing.

Still, the fuddy-duddies and has-beens in the republican party, take out their canes, and yell at us like Grandpa Simpson, "Dag nabbit!!!  Don't you youngin's know Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing!!!???  Why he was a democrat before he ran for the republican nomination!  Why can't you vote for somebody sensible and who wears good shoes and has a decent haircut like that Kasich fella!!!!????"  And to them we roll our eyes, pat them on the head, and say, "there there grandpa."  For no matter how many times you try to explain it, they just don't seem to get it.

However, in order to show that Trump supporters aren't naive, foolish children, and that we are fully aware of his dubious background, let me let you old timers in on a little secret.

Nobody has high hopes for Trump.

Oh, I'm sure some people do, but most Trump supporters are fully aware that he is not the absolute best this country has to offer (that would've been Ben Carson).  We are aware of his questionable background.  And we are sure his personality will ruffle all the right and wrong feathers in Washington.  But what the old-timer republicans have to understand is the Bush-McCain-Bush-Bush-Dole-Romney-Cruz legacy of candidates the republican party has given us is even worse.  And with such a low (and corrupt....and nepotistic...and elitist) standard Trump, with all of his faults, still clears that hurdle.

So then what precisely are we expecting from Trump?

Well, frankly nothing.

It goes without saying he will effectively be an independent party president as neither the republicans or democrats in congress will work with him.  He's also only one man, unable to solve our nation's largest problem (national debt/the economy) as it's beyond solving.  He might build a wall, but again, congress would have to fund him.  And the psychological indoctrinating foundation has already been laid for 30 years to raise a generation of truly worthless, unreliable, and borderline psychotic socialists who simply won't discover a work ethic once Trump gets elected. 

All we are hoping for is a slow down to buy us some more time so that we might see a social security check or two.  That maybe we don't let all of Syria, Iraq, and Somalia into our country next week.  Perhaps he even keeps taxes from jolting up to pay for all the socialist parasites the republicans were incapable of stopping.  So inept and so impotent has the republican party been at stopping America from being ruined, we'd rather take a bet on somebody we don't truly know because doing that same thing over and over again isn't working.  And since the republican's track record has been so bad, we really don't have any expectations from Mr. Trump, and won't be surprised if he achieves nothing.

And just keep in mind, that minimal level of quality and caliber is still a better option than the same RINO republican slop candidates you've been serving all this time.  Enjoy that decline!


Anonymous said...

About the time most of the republican party and the dems went batshit and started calling Trump a fascist I started to like him more.

If Trump is a fascist like some people think, then he won't be our first fascist president. FDR took control of major economic sectors during world war II and the depression, while also throwing japanese-americans into internment camps. But FDR is a liberal champion, so those actions get ignored.

Equating Trump or any american president with fascism is asinine, and I wish people would stop.

Faithless Cynic said...

I wish I could upvote you a million times Cappy. YOU FUCKING NAILED IT. Voters have a choice of do nothing DINO or RINO or a hardass who might do something to slow the decline. Guess who we picked, much to the chagrin of Rino, Dino, and the presstitute news media.

SM777 said...

Even a lot of labor union, neo-socialist democrats are voting for Trump. I met several at a cookout recently.

Anonymous said...

no mater whom you elect

welcome to hell!

we be waiting for you


Anonymous said...

I think Donald Trump has proven that being provocative and un-PC DOESN'T actually hinder your chances of being elected to office.

I think Ron Paul has proven that speaking the objective truth and being pragmatic about it, does.

Mark Boris said...

What I'm expecting from Trump:

1. Destroy the Republican Party.

2. Put the media in their place and make them foam at the mouth.

3. Entertain me. Trump's a funny man. I expect some witty zingers when meeting with foreign leaders and some solid stand-up routines at the state of the union addresses!

Un Americano said...

Voters will always get fucked over in some form or another because they expect to be rewarded for their votes. They will always get what they demand...and they will regret it.

Mark Matis said...

Trump is not the Messiah. He is human, and has all his own faults and foibles.

He does, however, believe in the United States as an independent nation state. He also believes in Western culture, and wants to preserve and protect same. Those two items are the primary reason for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Elite across the West, and in Asia as well.

Furthermore, he has a decent understanding of the corruption in US government at ALL levels. Now he will have a difficult time dealing properly with that, due to the corruption in the "Legal" system. But an intelligent choice for AG can work around much of that. And "Law Enforcement" will do as they're told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in and as long as he does not go after anyone in the Blue Wall.

One term, or even two, will not be enough to cure the nation's ills. It will, however, be a chance to put a severe crimp in the rush to One World Government that is so popular with the Elite from BOTH parties. And if nothing else, that's a DAMN good start!

Anonymous said...

When a some friends of mine asked me about the current candidates, they were a bit incredulous when I said I would cast my vote for Trump. They knew I wasn't a fan and mentioned that he would be bad for the country, but weren't quite prepared for my reply. "I know. He is a book of matches to burn the whole corrupt house of contemptuous cards down. I'll enjoy it."

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous @ 7:58 PM


Gonzo said...

The way I see it, almost everyone on both sides of the aisle have their knives out for Donald. That is a good sign in that he threatens all of them. He in turn is in grave danger as is his family. Seriously....From the cartels to those utterly corrupt individuals such as the Clintons and obamas, they cannot afford to have an upstart in the Rainbow House...uh...White House. Almost any candidate who has never served as President of the U.S. is a gamble with one exception. Killery Clinton. Our country is one big mess right now. Bickering over who would make for a great U.S. President is a no brainer in my opinion. Yes, I've had my doubts with Trump. With Killery, I have none...........

Anonymous said...

I'm in my mid 50's, and have a question - where was all the outrage when McCain and Romney were selected? Destroy the party? The moronic "elites" have already done that...

No Trump isn't the best candidate. But far better than those previous 2. If nothing else, he pisses off all the right people.

Just another blogging site. said...
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Gary said...

Well said Clarey. As a millenial, I approach my vote for this election the same way I do with my investments; I'll take my chances on Trump and all the risks associated with him, because I can afford to, in exchange for at least some glimmer of hope he can actually slow the decline. Trump at the very worst is an unknown evil; with Hillary, she is a known evil so the choice is clear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think Trump won't be effective. When he starts building, don't things get built? And because Trump is not handicapped by having to be PC, he can be honest and blunt with other leaders.

Putin understands the biggest threats to Russia are 1) the chickenhawk neo-cons in the current Administration, who are still trying to fight non-existent communist threats and are willing to risk WWIII to do it, and 2) Islam. Like Peter the Great 350 years ago, he is trying to get the West to realize who the real enemy is. And, just as we did 350 years ago, we are ignoring him.

Trump will be able to talk to Putin, who has nothing but contempt for Obama. Trump knows we have nothing to fear from Russia. Trump will put the EU blowhards in their place. He will tell the Chinese mercantilists that the game is over, and that managed trade is not free trade. And he'll end the US's incessant meddling in MENA, which alone will improve the West's relationship with Islam.

It makes me laugh when people like you, Clarey, feel justified in assessing Trump as stupid, unintelligent, etc. What have you accomplished? A small blog, a few (mostly unread) books, podcasts with no reach? I'd much rather see Trump in the White House than you.