Monday, June 20, 2016

Episode #152 of The Clarey Podcast!

The Muppets were on drugs
Target and Chipolte are better than you
Qdoba tries to hard to be Chipolte
30 hour days
Percent of professional athletes who go bankrupt
Hot babes who have hustle and a work ethic


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Anonymous said...

Off topic but full of charty goodness just the way you like it!
US low-skill males drop out of jobs market

Jim Scrummy said...

Maybe once or twice I complained about a grade I received in grad school. It was halfway thru grad school I realized that the "Grad School" professors had no clue how the real world worked. My papers were based on real world problems I had encountered working in the real world for 4 years before going to grad school. Most of the professors were clueless hacks (except the ones who had their consulting gigs on the side, who understood how the real world worked). So, I completed my degree and realized that the money I had spent for the grad school edumacation (it was a Master's in Engineering), was a waste. I should've used my cash to start a bidness, which would've been a better return on investment. For me, grad school was a waste of $10K (this was 20+ years ago). Today, anybody thinking of going to grad school, think twice before making that low return investment.