Monday, June 13, 2016

Episode #152 of The Clarey Podcast - "Why the Florida Shootings Don't Matter" Episode

Why the Florida shooting doesn't matter
Realtors have no hustle
PS4 spells the end of console gaming
"Unicorn Rape!"  They're not all false accusations!

and MORE!

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

I happen to own both the Wii U and PC so I'll say this:

The Wii U has some decent titles. In fact, all I own for games on my Wii U are the Nintendo exlusives (Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart). It's also a damn nice feature to have the ability to play your old Wii games (literally put your old Wii discs in and play free), and even buy used Wii games from stores. Just one of those things that ninten-do but microsoft and sony dont, as they want you to pay for those old titles from their store ;). You also don't need a subscription to play online on top of paying for your ISP (internet service provider), as is the same for PC as long as it's not an MMO (ie. World of Warcraft).

There are also games you won't be able to buy on the Wii U, which is where my PC comes in! Games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, The Witcher 3, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Battlefield 3/4. A decent gaming PC that will run your games at 60 frames may be expensive, but when you factor in longevity you may not think much of it, especially when you factor those other consoles that expected you pay to play online. Another thing on the side: I've played first person shooters on both PC and console and have to say that playing those games on PC is SO much more fun! The control that PC players get over their mouse that controller users don't makes playing the game substantially more fast paced, and even challenging! Of course if you don't like using a mouse lots of games do have controller support.

Hope that helped.