Thursday, August 15, 2019

Chasing Your Dream Job Will Turn Into a Nightmare

I love this.

All the young foolish people idiotically chasing their "dream job" thinking there's more than compensation to a job.  Sacrificing their lives and their families all for "their passion."

Keep chasing your passion and dreams kids.  I'm sure "someday" you'll find that "dream job" that will have made abandoning life for work all worth it in the end.


kurt9 said...

This is the kind of flaky BS that will go away in the next downturn.

Quiet Joe said...

I wish I had this advice in July of 1991 when my life was at a crossroads I picked the wrong career path. What followed was years of instability and struggle.

Post Alley Crackpot said...


Honey, you're just another upwardly aspirational Biscuit Bitch.

And in New York??? :-)

Kentucky BBQ Hipsters: "We won [some kind of Kentucky state award] ..."


Bill said...

Well, you can have your dream job, you just have to lower your standards and embrace minimalism.

Tucanae Services said...

A simple case of believing that jobs and passion are a common mix. Find a good hobby and the let the job take care of itself.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I'm of two minds over this.
One one hand, I absolutely agree. Now. I chased a career dream, achieved it, and had a 'what now'? moment when I realized it was not enough. So I did it again, this time doing what I really loved, working on ships and being my retarded self on an international basis. That worked, because having done it before, I knew that having a passion only carries so much fulfillment. There has to be more, and it's almost impossible to teach that to the young.

Aging me is a 45-year old with a hot foreign wife and a well-adjusted son who still likes ships and working on them, but passion evolves. Whether it's in marriage or in work, or a hobby, passion must grow or stagnate, and in growing, is fundamentally changed into something less intense but far better. My job is my job now, and my passion is my family and enjoying whatever days are set aside for me in this life. It helps to really like what I do, but I feel bad for the young who are 'all about the job' and missing out on so much in the meanwhile.

Captain Common Sense said...

Another "facts over feelings" and "pivot instead of pilot" mess. They really think they can change the rules of the game and try to make the "gig economy" sexy. It's the 21st century version of "i worked odd jobs".

And all i hear is aaron's voice going

"and that's the importance of not f^cking up!"